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USCA Elections 2004

Nominations for the offices of Vice President, Secretary, Central and Eastern Directors will begin on January 1 and close on March 1,2004. Voting will begin May 1 and close June 1 with the ballots counted and the results announced at the National Rally.All participants, nominators, nominatees and voters shall be members in good standing of the USCA as of the date of their participation in the election processs. Please include you membership number in all correspondance.If you want to run for office or nominate someone, the procedure is simple.1. Send the name of the person you wish to nominate to the Election Chairman. Bob Davis For nominations you may use either post office or email. Post marks or email time stamps will be used to determine timely nominations.2. The Election Chairman will check to make sure that the person nominated is a member in good standing.3. A confirmation from the nominee accepting the nomination must be received, including a statement indicating acceptance of nomination and the nominee's name, address, phone number and membership number. These acknowledgements should also include the nominee's candidacy statement and a photo if they want them to run in The Sidecarist. The deadline for acceptance of these acknowledgements from nominee's is April 1, 2004. Postmarks will be used to determine timely nominations.Here's Bob's informationBob Davis10501 North Canyon RoadCharlotte, NC