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So how do the group rides work? Is the prime reason for the ride to visit the destination and socialize, or is it the ride itself? Is there only one group ride and the rest are self-guided?

B&J is six miles from home for me and okay as a tourist attraction, but one of those been there, done that things for me and is located in a part of Vermont that is about as built up as Vermont gets. I don't mean to knock it, but if I were coming to Vermont I'd be more interested in sweeping curves thru pastoral scenery than busy highways crammed with inattentive drivers.

The Essex Fairgrounds is an easy ride from two of our legendary mountain gaps (The Appalachian Gap and Smugglers' Notch), some great rural swimming holes, some really pretty farm and mountain scenery, the world famous Shelburne Museum, Vermont Teddy Bear Company, and the entire state is full of back roads most tourists never see. Ride a little farther and you have the Presidential Range of NH (including an 8 mile dirt road to the summit of Mount Washington), a circumnavigation of Lake Champlain, the amazing scenery of the Adirondacks, the exciting city of Montreal, etc.

Just my $0.02.


Wow Pete, I'll bet if you offer to lead a group you will have followers. that's just the way things work at our all volunteer rallies. It is overwhelming for a couple of guys to do everything and still be able to fill in all the blanks like meals, T-shirts, registration, morning coffee etc.

Email sent. I'll help out in any way I can. I live about 30 miles from the rally site and have a truck if needed for hauling stuff.

Hi Pete,

Thanks for the input the B&J ride is I hope for a little of both the ride and destination sidecarist generally towards the evening find a ice cream stand to head out to for a cool evening treat so I figured a ride/tour of a ice cream plant would be a bit different although for me being a stainless steel sanitary welder in the dairy/food and beverage industries it may seem more like going to work you living in Stowe I take it that the Ben And Jerrys plant is roughly 30 to 35 miles away?.

The tour is scheduled for 2 pm we need to be there at 1:45 to sign in I was looking for some 2 lane road to travel down,maybe you could point us in a better direction.

As for other destinations for the most part they are self guided or for people like me I tend to wander off ,get lost and find my way back........some how 🙂

Barley still coming?


It depends on how you get there. How's that for an indirect answer to your mileage question?

From the fairgrounds you can reach B&J via the Interstate to Route 100 in 25-30 minutes, or
You can ride on Route 2 which parallels the interstate but puts you closer to the Vermont experience in 45-60 minutes, or
Take 2 to Jonesville then cross over to Duxbury Road which parallels 2 but on the other more scenic side of the river, or...

If you want to spend a couple of hours riding thru scenic curves and over a mountain pass:
Take Route 15 from the fairgrounds north to Jeffersonville, turn right on Route 108 and ride over Smugglers' Notch into Stowe.
I'd recommend stopping in the heart of Stowe village for some of the best ice cream on the planet (little Mom and Pop gourmet creamery at the village green), but with B&J for a destination that sort of defeats the purpose.
108 to Route 100, then right about 8 miles to B&J
Return to the fairgrounds via Route 2 as mentioned above.

On the second route there's also the option of starting out on a well-maintained dirt road that begins with what Vermont has become and ends in what Vermont used to be, before connecting with 104 which you take back to Route 15 and continue as above.

I should plot some of these out for you...

Rte. 108 over Smuglers Notch is quite the road as it twists and turns among house sized boulders at the top of the notch. It is steep and narrow but it is paved. Here is a link about it:

The Stowe Auto Toll Road off of Rte. 108 is open but not to bicycles or motorcycles. I don't what they think of hacks, besides the toll is $25.00, save your money.

Here's a site that has 17 routes listed for central VT:

I'm looking into a sidecar, but would like to find a rally somewhere in Florida. To be able see different rigs, talk to owners. Any rally in Florida coming up? Someone thought something was going on in Daytona, but could find anything out as to when and where. now ride a '07 Harley FLHTC

Earl, the next Rally in Florida is called the Y'all Come and will be 3/18 to 3/20/2011 at Silver River State Park Ocala, FL. Richard would love to have you there. Send him an email at

Thanks and will plan to stop.
Other question for all, I was looking at Harley factory TLE units, as I have a '07 FLH. But as I see and been told, no longer an option, and had seen the problems noted with used units and not getting all that is needed to mount. So moved on and have found Liberty and Motorvation with units with a style that in photos I would be happy with.
So now my question to all, what are the plus and minuses of each? just asking not having seen either. I'm here in Florida far from either factory. Ok so maybe it's like asking what is better a Ford or Chevy, so let me hear it

Our rally here in Fla is in March all are welcome. For more info follow thw link below my name.