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US Route 60

My wife and I just traveled US 60 from Virginia Beach to west of Brenda Junction, Arizona (east end to west end of 60). We found it to be a very interesting route, except you might want to avoid some of the larger cities. We also found the condition of the road to be outstanding compared to I-40 through Oklahoma and Texas on which we returned. There's a lot of beauty to be seen and a lot of joy to be found in passing through many of the small towns that were bypassed and somewhat forgotten. I would recommend it to anyone traveling east ot west across country. It might add some time to the trip, but would be well worth it.

We just returned from a trip out west and took 60m from Santa Rosa, NM to Pheonix AZ. Through NM there were times we felt like there was no one else on earth. Quite desolate and beautiful.

I agree with you that roads like US 60/80/64/54/ and most of all 50 are just great if you have the time, and are one of the forgotten beauties of travel in the US.

I took it for some distance out west and just couldn't get over how deserted they are. Sometimes a little too deserted. I got spooked some times in Texas when I did not see another driver or building for that matter for some time.

But I'll take them anytime over the I's.