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Unusual sidecar project idea. Comments welcome

Hi all

This is for  special project so here's what I'm contemplating. I'd like to build a new sidecar platform where I can interchange the tub as I want. The idea being that we can build wood tubs into something interesting. I have a woodworker friend who can build the wood tubs. He's actually very creative and on board.


A couple of things:
- This will only be used around the city and its suburbs. No freeway or long distance trips
- I know there will be a question of wood strength vs fiberglass vs steel. You'd be surprised how strong plywood can be.
- I'm still debating what to use for a tug. I HATE the fact that most bikes are built with both exhausts on the tug side (right). The left side (what people see on the road) always looks naked. I'm searching for a bike that has the right frame but has split exhausts. I'm thinking a 650-750  will do me fine. Maybe even put it on a Burgman 650 or Honda Silverwing scooter.


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senorcosta, I love it when people start thinking outside the box.

A thought to consider. With a dual exhaust bike, simply cap the right side, remove the right muffler and run with only the left muffler. I have done that after talking with many mechanics. They told me if only running lower speeds, you don't need all the exhaust plumbing. That's more for high speed for faster venting the spent fuel. Capping one side won't affect your low end torque.

With a simple sidecar frame and wheel assembly, you have a great platform for any application you want. The engineering is needed in the frame and the mounts. Then a tub, or flat bed, or camper, or whatever you want to make can be mounted. Its's a blank slate.

If mounting directly to the SC frame, whatever you build will be subject to every road bump, dip, vibration. Considering rubber bumpers or pads to isolate the vibrations.  All that vibrating will destroy your rigid wood joints if mounted directly.

Keep in mind that anything you mount with a large frontage area like in your photo will slow you down and cause the rig to pull harder to the right. The faster you go the more it will pull to the right.  In the situations you described, that should not be a big problem for you.

Good luck with the build, post photos as you go.




There's a lot of ideas bouncing around my head. It would be fun to experiment ?

Last year on the germen forum was sold a Moto Guzzi with a true multiple purpose sidecar.: ramp for wheel chair, Enduro boat,, cargo boat, dog, box, comfortable travel looked like someone had a lot of Lego bricks left over and made them just a bit bigger.  Sadly I did not find the photos.

Up here in the frozen north, we have a gentleman who owns a Ural that has been modified to have reasonable easily interchangeable bodies.  I've often seen it with either the normal body or a platform upon which he carries a jet ski.  Being a Ural, he just backs it into the water and floats the jet ski off.

There was a European manufacturer back in the 70's that offered many different bodies, including a tiny boat and a sort of pop-up camper.  In 20011 I saw an article that claimed there was a effort to convert a fleet of off road bikes to carry stretchers so they could be ambulances for the bush.

In short, go for it.  Folks have been making special purpose sidecar bodies since.... well forever.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Or you could find someone to do a custom exhaust

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