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Uncertain?Rendezvous October 2-4, 2020

Presuming we are not stifled by COVID-19, the Uncertain?Rendezvous 2020 is scheduled for Friday-Sunday, October 2-4, 2020 at the Shady Glade Resort on Caddo Lake at 449 Cypress Drive in Uncertain, Texas.

More details re: events and scheduling to follow.

The Shady Glade has a cafe & small meeting pavilion, along with a few motel rooms/cabins:   Please contact David or Sara directly re: RV or Tent Spots: 903-789-3295 or

Additional local lodging options include:


Also check here for more lodging options and area info:

Additional RV sites in the area:

Pine Island RV Park 4-1/2 miles West: 903-679-4102

Backwater Jacks RV Park 9-1/2 miles West:

Additional lodging, RV & camping options may be available at Caddo Lake State Park 5 miles West:

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Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

There is a vintage motorcycle show  scheduled  Cancelled for Saturday Morning, October 3rd, 2020 at the Land O'Pines Rallye hosted by the North Texas Norton Owners Association, 20 miles away near Jefferson - details here:


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Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

SwampFox, depending on Jane's ability to travel we may be attending the Uncertain?Rendezvous.  If she is able to travel by then we will be in the Lawton, OK area on the weekend prior to the Uncertain rally.  I haven't looked to see how far Caddo Lake is from Lawton, but since it is 'in the neighborhood' we'll likely come.

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New Mexico will be there, Yeaaaah Baby!

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'Looks like I have "kitchen pass" for this so planning to be there. I don't want any comments about towing the rig.  I'm rolling this in with a business trip. ;^)


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Lee, thanks for organizing this fall rally. Everybody is getting itchy feet to get out and ride, meet up with other sidecarists. 

Marked my calendar, plan to be there.  Will see which rig wins the toss to be there. 

Was going to make reservation for a tent site. Found out they don’t have tent sites. Would like to be where everyone is going to be. What are the others doing that camp.



2015 Ural Patrol, 1980 R65, 1982 R65 original owner, 1975 R 90/6, 1959 TR3A Triumph Don

We have reservations at Caddo Lake State Park after being told there were no available RV sites a few weeks back.   Texas Parks and Wildlife recently started taking reservations that far in the future.  you can reserve online or by phone.

NOTE:  The planning for this event is an Uncertain and ongoing process which will likely be reviewed, and revised, multiple times, not only to accommodate many local closures, but also help make the Rendezvous as safe as practicable.  Taking into consideration the seriousness of the COVID-19 situation, please practice social distancing and good hygiene, washing your hands often, using hand sanitizer and wearing a mask if possible. 

The Uncertain?Rendezvous 2020 will be an informal gathering of sidecar enthusiasts and friends, as plans for organized meals, entertainment and destination rides have unraveled due to CV-19 closures and restrictions.  As of this posting, the only planned event is Saturday Evening Hot Dogs sponsored by Texas Sidecar Company with a side of beans by Jena.  We'll work out some additional rides and/or activities along the way.

Unfortunately, as we have discovered, the Shady Glade no longer offers overnight camping or RV spots, the result of a change in business plan ushered in by CV-19.  Below is an revised list of local lodging and camping options:

The Shady Glade Resort has a few motel rooms and cabins:  – 903-789-3295

The Uncertain Inn is a motel within 1 mile: – 903-789-3292

Billy & Dottie Carter have several cabins along Caddo Lake plus rustic fishing cabins at Johnson’s Ranch within 1 mile: – 903-789-3268

Caddo Lake Cabins are within 1 mile: – 903-789-2063

Hodgepodge has several cabins within 1 mile: – 903-789-3901

Moonglow Lodge has 3 cottages within 1 mile: – 903-789-3940

The closest camping is within 5 miles at Caddo Lake State Park, with tent sites, RV sites and cabins: – 903-679-3351

Pine Island RV Park is within 5 miles: – 903-407-6901

Backwater Jack’s RV Park is within 10 miles: – 903-679-3427

Other area lodging info can be found here:


Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

I plan to join in the fun too, hopefully I'll have the rebuilt sidecamper ready for its first long ride. Weather should be ideal at that time.


We are about 3 weeks away from this years Fall Rally. Looking forward to seeing all those that are able to attend. 


The Warthog sidecamper featured in the latest Sidecarist issue will make its maiden multi-day run to the Uncertain Rally. I know there will be several Uralists available if it needs a push to get going in the mornings.

Am looking forward to the familiar camaraderie, seeing friendly faces and backslapping a few sourpusses... you know who you are. 

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I was hoping to be able to attend this year, but my wife's back and shoulder will not likely permit it.  We meet with the orthopedic surgeon tomorrow morning to learn what recourses are available to her.  She's already done a series of steroid shots in the spine and another shot in her shoulder.

Most organized activities and many local historical sites remain closed or restricted due to CV-19, so plans may have to be revised along the way. Rally Central will be the pavilion at the Shady Glade Resort on Caddo Lake in Uncertain, Texas.

Here is the Uncertain schedule:

Friday, October 2nd:

2:30pm Gravel Road Ride:  Gather at Rally Central  for a ±45 mile ±2 hour ride exploring some local unpaved county roads, including the old Stagecoach Road, said to be the home of the Goatman.

Harrison County's Stagecoach Road gets new historical marker

Unfortunately, the SwampFox rig has a fueling gremlin that I haven't been able to eradicate.  If my rig is unavailable, hopefully I can hitch a ride as monkey in one those reliable Ural rigs to navigate the route.

The Friday evening meal is on your own, perhaps visiting one of the local area restaurants.  More options are available in Marshall and Jefferson.  We encourage all to responsibly gather at Rally Central Friday afternoon & evening for storytelling and fellowship.

Saturday, October 3rd:

Breakfast on your own.

9am:  Gather at Rally Central for a group ride to Starr Ranch (±10.5 miles, an area in the Caddo National Wildlife Refuge on the Goose Prairie arm of Caddo Lake that opened to the public just last year - the last ±1/2 mile is a well graded iron-ore road), followed by a ride to downtown Jefferson where we'll stop for an hour or more to visit to local antique and specialty shops, as well as gather up supplies for our picnic lunch at the next stop; there is a Brookshire's Grocery Store at 404 East Broadway in Jefferson).

After our stop in Jefferson,we'll plan to ride ±15 miles to the Brushy Creek Day Use Area near the South end of the Lake O'Pines Dam for a picnic lunch. (Although the Brushy Creek group pavilion is closed for CV-19, the restrooms are open along with the shady dispersed picnic tables.)  After our picnic lunch we'll make our way back to Caddo Lake.

6pm:  Hot Dogs at Rally Central sponsored by the Texas Sidecar Company, with a side of beans by Jena.  Please bring your own drinks.

Sunday, October 4th:

Breakfast is again on your own, but please stop by Rally Central for more fellowship if time permits.


Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

New Mexico can’t make it!  Work gets in the way again.  Had reservations at Shady Glade, so if someone needs a room, call them.  Really was looking forward to seeing everyone.  George and Aurora

Quote from George on September 24, 2020, 12:43 pm

New Mexico can’t make it!  Work gets in the way again....

Well ... Drats! George.  We'll certainly miss y'all.  But I do understand the concept of work gets in the way.

The preliminary AccuWeather forecast is for plenty of sunshine with lows in the lower 50's and high's in the lower 70's.

Maybe 2020 will toss favorable weather our way - if so, hopefully an omen of things returning to normal (if there is such a thing as "normal" anymore).

Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

Did you have to rub in the great weather?  Have a safe and fun time.   George and Aurora

We just learned that, unexpectedly, and unfortunately, the cafe' at the Shady Glade will NOT be open for business this weekend.

Note: There is "new" Family Dollar Store up on the Highway in Karnack at 16626 Texas Highway 43 if you need supplies.

Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300