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Unacceptable Steering Effort

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I drove it home from the shop last night. It is indeed night and day different - AceinSav you are correct that it is VERY input sensitive. After the ~12 mi. trip home I am really wanting to learn how to drive it @ fwy speed. The adjustable damper will be useful as I learn to use it. It was scary, but not like being only marginally in control at best.

Thanks to all who have shared your knowledge. More as I put miles on.

Did they have to extend the forks ?

Forks were not extended. It does sit a little lower. I will operate it for a while before I decide what (if anything) it needs next.

Hope you become accustomed to the new steering effort, James.  If I recall correctly, we installed a spacer in the forks of our '82 883R to "help" the front suspension a little. 

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