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Unacceptable Steering Effort


James, am sure you will be very happy with CustomTriple Trees, they have make a good product. Let us know if you need help or advice on installing the new trees.




Don't forget that once you change rake then it will seem weird solo w/o sidecare. That is if you are using it both ways. Made my Guzzi w/35mm forks full time rig so if I take it off for maintenance work I have to ride solo. I have Earle forks on mine, one finger steering w/a Volkswagen steering dampener.

I sent my cheque to Custom Triple Trees yesterday, ETA Monday. Hopefully there won't be any hold-ups. The new trees will be installed by the same shop that mounted the chair. The same arthritis that necessitated the hack makes wrenching on it exponentially more difficult, so at this point in life it's worth paying somebody who knows what they're doing for mechanical work.

I really appreciate all the knowledge that has been shared with me on this forum. Before finding out about Custom Triple Trees the plan was for a 1-off from another custom tree shop, which would have been a lot more expensive. Also, CTT has made hundreds of 5 deg trees for the narrow Glide forks, while the other shop would have been doing their 1st set. I eagerly await the new trees to find out how driving it feels when it doesn't take a cheater bar to steer. Bill definitely knew all about what I need and recommended against adding some unneeded options, which was appreciated. Expecting a big difference with the new trees.

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