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Unacceptable Steering Effort

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James, am sure you will be very happy with CustomTriple Trees, they have make a good product. Let us know if you need help or advice on installing the new trees.




Don't forget that once you change rake then it will seem weird solo w/o sidecare. That is if you are using it both ways. Made my Guzzi w/35mm forks full time rig so if I take it off for maintenance work I have to ride solo. I have Earle forks on mine, one finger steering w/a Volkswagen steering dampener.

I sent my cheque to Custom Triple Trees yesterday, ETA Monday. Hopefully there won't be any hold-ups. The new trees will be installed by the same shop that mounted the chair. The same arthritis that necessitated the hack makes wrenching on it exponentially more difficult, so at this point in life it's worth paying somebody who knows what they're doing for mechanical work.

I really appreciate all the knowledge that has been shared with me on this forum. Before finding out about Custom Triple Trees the plan was for a 1-off from another custom tree shop, which would have been a lot more expensive. Also, CTT has made hundreds of 5 deg trees for the narrow Glide forks, while the other shop would have been doing their 1st set. I eagerly await the new trees to find out how driving it feels when it doesn't take a cheater bar to steer. Bill definitely knew all about what I need and recommended against adding some unneeded options, which was appreciated. Expecting a big difference with the new trees.

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Cheque sent to Custom Triple Trees. Now it's just waiting, like a kid before Christmas. Weather here (North of Seattle) has sucked for riding, so hopefully things will improve when it's time to rock my new trees on the street.

You can bet I will share the results.

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After a conversation in which I ordered a steering damper Bill called me back with the suggestion that I should consider 6 1/4 deg offset. He knows a lot more about it than I do so I agreed. I am looking forward to seeing how it works. From what I have seen it should steer with a light touch and the adjustable damper will allow me to tune out wobble. It will be a lot more fun when steering is better than marginal.

I thought this was good individual customer service to have him call me the next day after reflecting on our conversation.

James,  Bill at Custom TT is a good man. Runs a business that thinks and cares about the customer experience. 

Will be interested in hearing your reaction and experience with a 6.25 degree offset. You should find minimal steering effort needed.

Are you still getting the damper?

Yes, I'm still getting the damper. The conversation when I called to order the damper resulted in the call suggesting the 6.25 deg offset the following day. Bill said it would use more of the adjustable damper's range (if I understood and remember correctly) with a light touch in steering. The trees and damper should ship in the 1st week of '22. I really do appreciate that he actually thought about it and called me back.

The decision to get the damper (5th sortie with the hack) involved a scary wobble with minimal steering control. Arthritis in both shoulders may have tipped it toward light steering, which makes sense. I really look forward to seeing what it's like to steer with a light touch. I will definitely let you know how it works.

The trees arrived last night, and they are beautiful! I will be calling the shop today to arrange for the bike to be transported when they are ready to do the job.

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good deal,, looking forward to your report after they are installed 

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USCA # 8913

Unfortunately the shop can't get to it for 2 weeks. I am looking forward to sharing the results with everyone.

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