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USCA National Rally Guidelines

Here are the National Rally Guidelines.

USCA National Rally Guidelines
Compiled September 2008

Introduction: Guidelines are like a budget; they represent the ideal, they are a desired plan. Just like your own personal budget, our plans must remain flexible because there are times when no single location will be able to meet all the guidelines.

The guidelines have been compiled in an attempt to assist volunteers in knowing what to look for and to help the volunteer understand what has made successful rallies in the past.

This list is NOT intended to be an inflexible list of "rules". We strive to incorporate as many of these guidelines as possible at each National Rally. Remember, no single location will be able to meet all the guidelines.


Background: The region hosting the National is determined each year by the board. We currently have a rotational schedule that allows members across the United States an opportunity to attend a nearby National Rally every few years.



The board will seek a willing and able volunteer within the region selected to host the National Rally.

If no volunteer is forthcoming within the region, the rally will be passed on (forwarded) to the next region until a suitable rally host is secured.

The rally host will seek several possible locations where the rally might be held. (The board understands that some sites may not be able to meet 100% of the recommended guidelines.) The board also understands that there are areas of the country where there may be only ONE suitable location.

The Rally Host will conduct a preliminary survey of possible locations and report these findings to the Board.

The Rally Host and the owner of the site will determine fees for site rental (guarantees) and report to the board.

The board should be made aware of whether the rally site is privately owned or publicly owned.


The board will vote and approve or disapprove the recommended site and calendar dates.

After the selected site is approved, the Rally Host will proceed to final negotiations with the owner of the selected site.



Time of year should be the best for the location. Consider the climate and help the board plan for the best time of year. It would be considerably different if held in the Rockies as opposed to the desert southwest.

It is desirable to schedule at a time when school-age children may attend, but this is not an absolute requirement. Children need to be considered. The board wants families to attend, but it is difficult to schedule because of widely varying school calendars. We have to do what works in the location we select.


Thursday, Friday and Saturday.
Attendees will depart on Sunday


Should have space for a couple of hundred (200) tent campers;

We have rented one section of a large campground (say, 50-60 tent spaces) and the owners have allowed us to have as many as four tents to a space.

We have also rented an entire campground on occasion.

We negotiate a price for the number of camping spaces we want and determine if the host will permit several tents at one space (desirable).

Traditionally, we figure the cost per tent space into the registration fees.

In 2006, the costs of tent spaces were NOT included in rally fees. Each camper made their own arrangements. We will normally take the same approach.

We try to keep rally costs as affordable as possible and tent camping may or may not be included.

At least some of the tent spaces should also have electrical hookups. Some members use C-pap machines and cannot camp without electricity.

There should be at least one picnic table per camp space.


We should provide RV parking (15-20 minimum) on-site. It is best if RV parking is on-site; some folks don't want to miss anything and want to be on-site throughout the rally.

Alternatively, locate a nearby RV campground where folks could stay.

The board needs to have information concerning RV parking rates.

If on-site, the USCA does NOT include the RV parking in the rally fees; folks that have RVs are used to paying that on top of the rally fee.


We need a list of motels and their phone numbers within reasonable distance of the rally site.


Shade: there should be a large amount of shade to enable the participants to get out of the heat if the rally is held in the summer (and it most likely will be).


There should be enough CLEAN showers and restrooms to accommodate 200+ people.

Hopefully these will be provided at no cost though there have been rallies where the showers required coins or tokens.


A covered pavilion or indoor facility to facilitate registration is highly desirable. If this cannot be obtained, provisions must be made for an awning for registration.


Some of our members bring a pet to the rally. The campground should allow pets. There may be some restrictions, but generally we strive to have the rally in a pet-friendly campground.

It might be a good idea for the pet owner to sign a release like they would for themselves for the pet just in case the pet becomes unfriendly at some point in time.


The rally site must allow alcohol consumption.


We need a large grassy area on site that we can use for sidecar games.

If a grassy area is not available, a paved lot would be our second choice. Sidecar games are a long-standing tradition at the rally. Space for sidecar games is critical.


It is good if there is a store on-site for purchasing forgotten supplies, snacks, and drinks. This is not required.

It is desirable that campfires be permitted.

If campfires are permitted there should be a supply of wood on-site that is free or can be purchased.

It is desirable (not required) that the rally site have one of the following:

   - Sandy beach near lake or river
   - Hot tub
   - Swimming Pool


A list of local restaurants should be available. This list should note if the restaurants are open only for breakfast, only for dinner, etc.


Those arriving early or staying longer will have to pay for extra nights at the going rate out of their own pockets.


We will need a list of points of interest nearby. Maps or driving directions should be provided.

Recommend there be a list of some good riding roads in the vicinity. Some rally hosts plan for guided tours of the area.


Members, by policy, get a $5.00 discount on registration fees.

This does not preclude setting a rally fee for members based on estimated costs times an estimated number of members. Rally fees for non-members may be more than $5.00 higher than for members. Figure the break-even costs on members’ fees. Additional fees charged to non-members will help towards profitability.


Children’s activities: Some activities are planned each year for the children in attendance.

Type of activities;
   - Face painting
   - Games
   - Crafts

This list is not all-inclusive and other activities may be included.


Awards are presented after the Saturday night meal

Type of awards;
   - Door Prizes
   - 50/50 Drawing
   - Game Winners-Adults and Children
   - Special Recognition

This list is not all-inclusive. Awards may be added or deleted.


It is traditional to have a meal Saturday night; it should be included in the registration fee.

It is traditional to have coffee every morning and donuts on Sunday morning.

The above is minimal; The rally host can plan more meals; however, if they are included in the registration fees, it tends to drive these fees up. We try to keep the rally affordable.


The rally fees are set after rental agreements, meals and all other cost considerations are determined. Rally fees will need to be approved by the board, based on input from the Rally Host.


We always encourage people to come and look around at no cost. If they don’t eat or camp there will be no fee. The exception would be a facility that charges a day fee per person.

OTHER Considerations

   - Rally Pins

   - Games

   - T-Shirts


Handicap access to facilities is recommended.



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