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Two new sidecars

We are now offering two new sidecar models that will work on many bikes but are targeted for the Indian's The Tomahawk and the Tomahawk SE, these are similar to the old Indian Princes sidecar however as bikes are larger then they were 75 years ago and well so are we, we made these sidecars a bit larger. While the Tomahawk and the Tomahawk SE share the same basic body, the SE has a door in the side, an external opening and locking trunk, diamond patterned upholstery to match the Indian (in either tan or black) padded arm rests and the Indian head light on the fender.
We have designed the mounts, wiring and brake hook up such that we hope to be able to install these sidecars from start to finish in about 3 hours total time.
More photo's soon as we have yet to mount one up in house, only the original mock up, Monday we will be installing another.
Jay G
DMC sidecars

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Jay G DMC sidecars 15616 Carbonado South Prairie RD Buckley WA 98321 866-638-1793 Hours Monday - Thursday 6-4:30

That car looks so good I might be FORCED to go out and buy an Indian.

Maybe one of these?