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Triumph bobber and w800 mounts

We now have Triumph Bobber mounts as well as mounts for the Kawasaki W800. We just got our CNC milling machine going and hired a machinist. The first of triple tree we will be offering is for the Bobber. In time we plan on being able if a person sends us their stock tree to be able to manufacture custom trail reducing triple tree's

Jay G
DMC sidecars


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Nice! I've got my eye on the W800 for future fun.

Is the Kawa W800 finally available in USA?

I own 2 and would love to get one with sidecar. Not any bike since my Norton Commando had been so satisfying. In 2018 I test rode a Triumph Bonneville in comparison... 86 versus 48 horse power: I DEFINETELY PREFER THE W800 

Its extremely elastic long stroke engine and short first gear makes her predestined for a nice light duty rig. 

A goat, that with shorter chain sprockets even should be good for a nice "Mountain goat".


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