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Transporting a sidecar

I am planning on going to pick up a new-to-me Champion Escort. The only thing I have to transport it with is a 4’ X 8’ trailer with 30” sides. The tailgate of the trailer is also the ramp and it hinges up vertically when transporting. I have never physically seen an unattached sidecar, that’s why I am asking for advice. Can anyone help me by telling what to prepare for? My idea is to build a wooden cradle out of 2”x4”’s to support the left side lower brackets. Then I would use ratchet straps and pull it tight against the left side of the trailer. One strap will go to the front of the trailer and a second to the rear. Then I would use a third and fourth strap on the sidecar side to prevent forward and backward motion. Hopefully the sidecar body will not be able to hit the right side of the trailer. I will need to transport it 500 miles back home. Thanks for any advice you can give me.

When I had to transport mine about 500 miles I went decidedly low tech. When detached it took on a 10 degree list to port, but the frame not the tub was the point that touched the ground. So I used an old truck tire (no rim) to support the frame. I used tie downs attached to the frame and axel. There were a couple of places where I was worried about the tub making contact with the truck bed if it shifted, so I went to the local Goodwill store and bought used couch cushions for ten bucks. Removed the fabric and used the foam to cushion those potential problem areas.

Rolling a loose tub is awkward as you have to lift and roll while bent over. I used a canvas strap looped around the left side frame so I didn't have to hunch over. My wife pushing on the end provided forward motion and I was able to steer it up the ramp into my truck bed. Having a couple of friends would have been easier in retrospect.

I agree with what Glenfiddich said, instead of a truck tire to support the left side, I took some pieces of 2X6 with me and screwed enough pieces together to get the support that I needed and used tie down straps to fasten them to the frame. I used cheap furniture pads, that I got at my local Uhaul dealer to pad the finish and protect the paint. Good luck with it.

Thanks guys, your answers are much appreciated. I will take some foam and old blankets along. The fact the inside dimensions of the trailer are only 49” concerns me. The current owner thinks it will fit but I would like some air space on the right side. I may take apart the lower brackets as much as possible to gain room. Can anyone with a Champion Escort confirm for me that it will fit between 49”?

still need a measurement?

Yes, I do. Could you help me?

from my motorcycle to the fender is 51". Without the m/c brackets the sidecar will fit in your 48" trailer.

Thanks Tugboat, that's what I needed to hear. I will go pick it up next weekend.

All of the above is correct. For transporting my TGB R9i lazer scoot with a Kozy hack I use a 6'4" wide by 8' long trailer
with the drop ramp. But since you are transporting the hack only a 4x8 trailer will do the job.Good luck and enjoy!!