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Tough going for some of our own


Long time sidecarists and general good folks Avanell and J.R. Louis are having some pretty serious health issues and it's landed J.R. in the hospital.  These two are fixtures at sidecar rallies around the country and generally score highly at the sidecar games.  I love to hear Avanell yell at J.R. in the blindfold events, it's a trip.  Anyway, they could use your thoughts and prayers right now.  A cheery email couldn't hurt either  roadrunner75835@hotmail is the address.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Sorry to hear this. And certainly wishing them both the best!!

J.R. is a tough old Texas Turkey Buzzard who looks like he hasn't eaten in three days, yet will share half a sandwich with ya if he thinks you're hungry. Both him and Avanell have hearts of gold and wills of steel.

Speedy recovery J.R., and don't take no mind to 'Nell, she just loves you too much.


Does anyone have any updates about JR recovery

As of last week J.R. reported that he was out of the rehab center.  His email to me indicated that he ended up with Sepsis.  Not good - but he appears to be over it and on the mend.  I inquired about Avanelle and the response was that they were both doing fine.



that very encouraging news,  Wow sepsis is nothing to mess around with. I'm glad to hear he is doing better and Avanelle is handling it all OK


I spoke with Avenell this afternoon.  She said J.R. was doing well but moving a little slow.  He has to go back to the cardiologist next week.  She is doing well and her words, "has been sprung" from the doctors.  We won't be seeing them at either the Sidecars in the Smokies gathering or the East Texas Sidecar Muster.  They will be missed but at least they're on the mend.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Thanks for the updates.  Avanell and JR are my idols. I believe they set the bar for sidecar riding at its best. Prayers for a speedy recovery.

Thanks for all the kind words,phone calls,visits etc. ad a stress test done Wed. Get results Fri.  Hopefully be one ith akk this. Have a therapist coming out twice a week for a while.  Still not real steady,but getting better.  Hope to see every one some place soon.  Trerapy and visiting nurse turned  Avanell loose last week,so she is doing a lot better.  6 weeks of me being in rehab probably did her the most good.  J.R.

Glad to hear you're back home J.R.


Come on up to the Rusk KOA Campgrounds the first weekend in May for the spring regional sidecar rally, if only for a hour or two.  Everybody would love to see you both alive, walking and talking....