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to the monitor of this site

Rustle posted a thread, "where does your rig sleep"?
I don't know what type of system he is using butwhen I clicked on the thread, it began loading pictures very slowly.
I wet into the kitchen for a while then came back and looked at it and posted a reply.
This morning I clicked on that thread and the extremely slow loading began so I tried to go back to look at some other thread.
My computer would not respond. I tried several different things but his thread would not allow escape.
I had to leave the internet and boot back on to get off his thread. I am wondering if this is a feature of his software or maybe his computer is infected with some malware
that might be trying to gain access to anyone who clicks on his thread.
If you have the ability, I recommend looking into this before it can become a more widespread problem.

They are just very large pictures and if your system is slow it will take a long time to load. There is no virus loading, just the pictures.

Seems that people would be well advised to reduce the file size of photos prior to posting. 640X480 works well. Several programs are available free that work well for this purpose. And the pics still look fine after a much quicker download... Just my two bits...

Thanks for bringing it up, Phelonius!

As I've mentioned here in the past, my poor old machine is dial-up only so pictures are a challenge anyway. Adding images larger than 640x480 as mentioned by Tom [thanks!] is pure misery and yes, can lock me up solid just as you mention.

Just as bad, a Super Duper High Speed Ultra Computer owner [not referring to the post or poster mentioned!] may also be oh, so proud of their hack rig - so we're then all blessed with 6-7-8 images! Can't view any of them until ALL of them load!

Then it gets better, when another member wants to comment. They click on 'Quote', yes copying all 8 pictures, then add "Nice rig." HOPE-less!

Thanks, I feel better after griping anyway...