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To B(ias), or not to B(ias). That is my question!

Planning to run Dunlop Elite 3's all around on my Kawasaki Voyager 1300 six/Terraplane rig. Have never run 3's before but ran the stock Dunlops on my old Voyager many years ago and was happy with handling.
My question is, does anybody have advice based on experience on the differences in handling between the bias and radial versions of these tires on a hack rig?
I already know that since a rig doesn't lean anymore, it's more like a car in that you can't safely mix the two types. My concern is just how much does the difference in sidewall flex affect the handling?

Effectively, the flex in a tire's sidewall acts as a spring. If you have too much spring travel or too little spring strength your rig will wallow in corners. Also, the tread can "squirm" on a tire with too much sidewall flex leading to unpredictable handling. Just as it autos, if you don't push the handling envelope, none of this will make itself evident. Low performance expectations are easily met.

MY experience with Bias vs Radial has less to do with handling than it does with strange wear patterns that result in having to replace the tire before it's time. I have had radials scallop and cause weird vibrations. Ultimately that resulted in weird handling. I have stuck with bias since having that issue.

I think that taking what both of you have said kinda sums up my fears about the "softer" sidewalls and their effects on sidecar rig handling. Thanks!

i am generally a radial guy, but all tyres have evolved thru the years. from reading i just installed avon roadrider bias on my soon to be a tug 2012 bonneville + my first ride revealed their firmer ride characteristics. i upsized within the correct mounting rim to tyre sizing on avonmoto to help carry the xtra lbs of the chair, time will tell how they work + wear with decent pricing being a plus!!

There are, of course, stiffer radial tires and squirmier bias tires, but the general consensus is with a heavy rig like yours you will be happier with a bias belted tire. One word of warning. Dunlop makes two versions of the Elite 3--a radial and a bias belted. When you order your tires, make sure which one the seller is selling!