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TLE sidecar on Softail


Here are some pix of the new rear bracket. Hard to find fabricators to do these small projects anymore. I think the new larger surface area bracket with 4 mounting posts is stronger than the smaller stock one with 3 mount posts. (both are 3/8 inch steel)

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I can't remember who, but somebody makes a better clamp for the sidecar.. it replaces the two U bolts with a matching block and 4 grade 8 bolts to clamp onto the sidecar Frame ... it stops it from slowly slipping on rough surfaces.

Thanks for the reply. Maybe someone will remember. The Stock mount does have two approx. 1/8 inch set roll pins which drive

into the sidecar frame tube which may help some, maybe eliminate it. I didn't even notice the set pins when I first took it apart.

If it shifts much after using the set pins I'll look into having a block machined like you suggested. It would be a better setup!

Thanks again.

mine has no pins at all, just a set screw and the two u bolts... the block available from somebody on this site [it will come to me eventually] solved the entire issue


Timo482, I know the person you refereed to in your post above. He grew up in the Chicago area where he delivered blueprints around the area using a Harley with a factory sidecar. He decided that the cold weather was not for him and went West. He became a lawyer and settled somewhere in Sacramento County, Ca. He and I were here and also on another forum. Anytime there was a legal type question he would reply giving both the pros and cons of the subject. His byline was "Put a sidecar on it". Last post on the other site was 02-14-17. I cannot remember his name at this forum but it has been a long time since he signed in. Anyhow, this is the follow who made the blocks to replace the "U" bolts to clamp the sidecar on the Harley.

Still working slowly.  Factory  Harley TLE front lower mounts fit but didn't allow use of the upper factory mount or give me enough room for the Right floorboard.  Also it raised the front of the sidecar too high.   So I fabricated a pattern for the lower front mount which solved the above problems AND allowed me to use the Factory Upper mount. The weld/machine shop will have it to me in a couple of weeks. Experimented with different U-bolts,   1st from a Universal joint (5/16 " x 1 1/8") then a Marine grade 3/8" Stainless Bow Eye U bolts for the lower mount.  Not sure which ones I'll use. The benefit of the U Joint U-bolts are they are flattened where they wrap around the  frame downtubes.  The Marine ones are completely round but are 3/8 thread instead of 5/16.  Either should work, I just haven't decided yet.  May even add one more mount on the rear from a point on the frame at the lower edge of the seat down to the lower inner frame rail.  May be overkill, we'll see how it all feels when the 3 mounts are solidly mounted.   It's a slow process working on it part time.  I think the final result will be worth it.  All sheet metal is painted.  When front lower mount is finished and after mock up with all 3 mounts I'll work on painting the sidecar body and frame.  I tried to upload pix but it said the file was "too large".

Hi, i know i am late to the thread, and the sidecar mounted to my softail is a Liberty brand, but if you need pics of the mounts on it let me know.

Coming along slowly.  I was only able to use the upper stock mount with  thin circumferential shims.  I added a California sidecar rear upper mount.   I used 4 Harley reproduction "U" bolts for the lower front mount attachment.  3/8" x 1 1/8".  They are used for crash bar mounts on older Harleys and are flattened  like the Universal joint bolts where they wrap around the frame tube.

I'm unable to load pictures.  I get a "message that the file size is too large".  My previous uploads were 5000 + KB (5MB)  now only 1 MB (1024 KB) are allowed.

It's a shame because it is coming along nicely.  Never had this problem in the past.  I don't know if something has changed on this site.

Well, it is operational!  Paint for the sidecar still in the works but the car is mounted and it handles great!

I can ride with one hand.  No steering stabilizer was necessary.  A little "normal" wobble around 20 mph or so

but otherwise it's rock steady.  Goes straight down the road with a steady throttle.  Doesn't pull either way except the

expected when accelerating or braking.  Lean out is set @approx. 1 degree, toe in @ between 1" and 3/4",  30 lbs of ballast.

The easiest part was to adjust the toe in.  I replaced the rear factory male heim joint with a female one that has Left Hand

threads.  Then I inserted a Jack Screw (Right hand threads on one end and Left hand threads on the other).  The Left hand threads

of the Jack Screw screw into the new female heim joint which has Left hand threads and the Right hand threads screw into the stock Female

mount (shown above) that clamps to the frame rail.  That way all I have to do is screw the Jack Screw Fore or Aft to increase or decrease the

toe in.  Tighten the lock nut and that's it.  It made it super easy to dial it in.

I'll try and post pictures soon.