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Tire Brand Question

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Will do once I change, likely early in the fall. I'd thought I could go with a 110/90x18 on the front but measuring the difference between the bolt heads on the unit front end, they would be very close to touching so will likely stay with a 100/90x18, likely in a tubeless, makes life easier with quick flat fixes. A 400 tire width equates to 101 mm, so that should work.

Update. I went with a Kenna 657 100/90X18 on the front. Supposed to be a 6 ply tire and one other fellow liked them on his goldwing rig. So worth a try. Too cold and too much snow to even think of riding but I'm curious to see how it works. This size is one size bigger than the bike calls for.

I still have the K block on the rear but it is due to be replaced. These old airheads with the 18" wheels can be a touch difficult to find tires and it is a bit of trial and error. None seem to last very long on the rear. I couldn't get the K blocks up here in 18" size.

The Kenda K657 Challenger is a tubeless design. I'm assuming you're gonna use it with a tube? Should work OK--the only thing is that a tubeless bead is a different shape than a tube-type shape and won't seat 100% properly in your rim. But it's a fairly insignificant difference, and the bead is rubber so it will conform somewhat to whatever rim you put it on. Just don't take any passengers for the first few hundred miles until you are sure that the tire will clench the rim OK and not become unseated on those hard lefts.

Has anyone ordered a Metzeler 4.00 X 18 Block K and the tread width is only 3.50?Is this just a typo or are all of them like this?Referring to the pic the tyre on the left is the Metzeler Block K 4.00 X 18 and the other is a Heidenau K28 4.00 X 18.
David van der Schyff
Cape Town,South Africa.

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The Block K has been used extensively over the years and been around a long time. It has been mounted with a tube and without even though it is a tube type tire. Cannot recommend mounting it tubeless due to that. From my experience with they they wear well and last a long time is your setup is good. Traction can be iffy if pushed hard but it is predictable with no real suprises once you know the limits. This is not a negative statement just felt it should be mentioned.

beezageezer - 7/27/2017 6:10 PM

This is as much a question than a suggestion. I have a couple of those Firestone tires found on a lot of resto-builds. Personally I think they look hideous on those builds, but thought they might be ideal for sidecar duty?

The rolling diameter of these may be a negative to grearing on the rear and even trai on the front depending on application. Also, we have found that many antique car tires have inconsistent tire wear from one tire to another even though they are the same tire from all outward appearances. I guess many are made for old cars that are used for sunday rides , parades and such. Results may vary is the rule with them.

I've used Dunlop E3's on my GL1100 rig for years and averaged about 11000 miles on the rear. E4's are supposed to last longer. In those days I drove about 10-12000 miles a year.

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