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Tire Brand Question

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I have a 1974 BMW R90/6 it uses a 400 x 18 on the rear tire

I was running a Heidenau tire or the rear and it is getting close to needing a new one

Does anybody have experience or opinions on the tire to use ? So far I found I can get Heidenau, Duro, IRC, Dunlop K70 or Metzeler Block C

Heidenau offers a square profile tire in your size. Metzler does as well but it is not the block C it is the block K
In general I have found square profile tires not to really last much longer however especially on the front I have seen them shorten braking distance.
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The Heidenau is a good tire and so is the Metzeler, but in a 4.00x18 my first choice would be a Avon Safety Mileage MKII Rear Tire. I've not used one myself, but I have a friend who put one on his BMW rig in England (it was a 4.00x19) then proceeded to drive it across Europe, Russia and Siberia. Then he shipped his rig here and rode it from Tacoma to Florida before shipping the rig back to England. All on that one tire! Now, full disclosure, he was running it on the front (not the rear) of his R100 rig, but this rig was fully loaded for a RTW trip, and his wife was also on board!

Here's a pic he took in Mongolia where you can clearly see the tire--

This is as much a question than a suggestion. I have a couple of those Firestone tires found on a lot of resto-builds. Personally I think they look hideous on those builds, but thought they might be ideal for sidecar duty?

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Is it the K60 in Heidenau that is a square profile ?

The Heidenau K60 is a round profile moto tire. Also known as the "Scout".

The Heidenau square tire you want is the K28. Pic---->

Anybody running the Avon AM26 Roadrider Front tire on their BMW sidecar rigs. I've seen that one recommend on other posts for the front tire on a sidecar rig, not necessarily a BMW.. It is a conventional m/c tire. I have K blocks front and back and looking for something a bit less twitchy for the front.

Cycleman, the Avon AM26 is a good tire but it's tubeless. If you're running a Block K now, then I assume you should only be looking for tube-type tires?

If you want something that's less twitchy to steer with, but in a tube-type style, you don't necessarily have to go all the way from square to round. A "squarish-ish" tire that does NOT have a hard shoulder on the tread face might be just the ticket. Look around the web for tires with a soft rounded shoulder in your size. Don't know what you need but, for instance, here's an Avon SM Mark II in 3.50x19 that is kinda like what I'm talking about---->

And here's a Dunlop K70 in the same size ---->

Bike is a 95 BMW R100RT with a sidecar. Bike has the stock cast wheels so it will take a tubeless tire, even though the K Blocks currently have a tube inside. The advantage of the Avon is that some of them can be run front and rear. I'd like to try something different on the front. Thanks for the suggestions.

Cycleman, let us know how they work out on your RT!

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