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Hotchkiss Rally September 22-24 2023

19th Thunder Mountain Rendezvous, all bikes and sidecar rigs welcome

September 22-24, 2023 Delta County Fairgrounds Hotchkiss, CO

BMW riders of Western Colorado, MOA #270. Come join us again at the Delta County Fairgrounds in downtown Hotchkiss, for a color weekend on the Western Slope of Colorado. Our rally offers great camaraderie, a beautiful venue, and the greatest riding in Colorado. It also helps us raise money to support motorcycle safety and the local Elks Club. Our low elevation venue, for Colorado, includes a meeting hall, restrooms with showers, plenty of grassy camping and the convenience of walking to downtown restaurants, stores and motels.

Last year I was getting comments from the sidecar riders that they wanted a September rally in Colorado, so, after discussions with my local BMW club we are extending an open invite to all sidecar riders to come and enjoy the Aspens turning and some good, cool weather, Colorado riding. This is the same venue where the 2022 U.S.C.A. National was held.

Your rally fee of $50 before Aug 15th and $60 at the gate, gets you dinner Friday and Saturday nights, and Elk’s Club fundraiser breakfast available on Saturday morning, continental breakfast Sunday morning, camping, free coffee and tea, door prizes and movies Friday and Saturday nights inside Heritage Hal. GS rides, (all abilities, scenic street rides and mileage rides will be mapped out and waiting for your enjoyment. No camping on the grass before 5:00 PM Thursday, September 21.

Information: Bill Maurer, Dana Williams or register online at:

Online registration will be setup soon.

Dana Williams

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A bump since this is coming up next month.

It looks like there is going to be a few sidecarists showing up for our little BMW club rally so let me know if there are any questions.

A quick note, if you know you are coming, go ahead and get registered so we can get an idea of how many are going to be here for Saturday breakfast and dinner, please. You will love the food at this one, we have the ladies from the Elks club cook up the meals for us. Remember registration covers tent camping, RV camping and showers in the fairgrounds along with coffee, lemonade and ice water. Friday will be chili or fresh made gumbo and Saturday breakfast and dinner. We will have a continental breakfast on Sunday also.

If you just want to go straight to the registration:

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Quote from DirtyDR on August 4, 2023, 10:50 am

... the ladies from the Elks club cook up the meals for us.... Friday will be chili or fresh made gumbo...

Sure sorry we can't make it out west for this one. 

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Just to clarify, this is not a sidecar specific rally but our local BMW club's annual rally. We have been looking to boost attendance and I thought that including sidecarists in our promotions would be a good way to do that. The BMW club is looking forward to the sidecars showing up and over the years more and more of them have expressed interest in converting to a sidecar. As Colorado state representative for the U.S.C.A. I can also get a Fall sidecar gathering together, it is not easy with the small group of local Colorado sidecarists so I have to do something to earn my pay.


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Looks like a good time...

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We had our August club meeting today and this will be the last meeting before the rally. Finished setting up who is doing what and we are ready to go next month. I have coffee and refreshment duty as usual and the Friday night dinner will be home made, Louisiana gumbo. We have a member who moved here from Louisiana so he has the connections for the good stuff. After dinner will be an ice cream social. Saturday breakfast and dinner will of course be compliments of the local Elks club ladies as usual.

A little reminder, or tip. Taco Hut is easy walking distance from the rally and makes a seasonal, peach shake with hand chopped, fresh peaches.

One more month.

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