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Thread update notifications?

I don't seem to be getting any when I subscribe to a thread

Tom, Check your registered email address. The feature is enabled and it works for me.

Al, my e-mail address is correct I just rechecked it. In the past I would get notifications but they would come days after the post. Try a test. Send an e-mail to my registered address.. Oh and they don't go to my SPAM folder....

Al, I have not changed anything in my profile and today I got an e-mail notification of a thread update.
The update was posted on 4/2 @ 6:25 PM and I received the notice on 4/3 @4:41 AM.
My notices are hit or miss and when I do get one it usually comes after I have already responded to the thread...
This is also the first notice since we corresponded.

Weird HUH?


I'm manifestly sorry but your notifications are a function of the software. We don't have a qualified web developer on the payroll who understands the now obsolete languages that are used in the application. It is beyond my control. I suggest that you direct your concerns to Will Short, the club president. Perhaps he can find a solution for you. I'm sorry that I couldn't help.


Now this one I got right away..... I don't want to start a big deal over it, it's not that important. I just wanted someone to be aware, in case it was an easy fix.. Thanks for your reply...

Tom, I find it much easier to shut the e-mail notifications off (I still get them for a pm on the site) and just click "new threads" when I come on the forum. That way, I see anything that's been posted to any thread since I was on last and no e-mails filling the in box on my e-mail. Super simple and convenient. Just my two bits worth...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom