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Thomas on his walk North

Congratulations Sven!! Glad it finally arrived after all this time and you patiently waiting!! Perhaps the rains will stop and you can have some fine local rides to introduce Spphie Travelair to Costa Rica...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Mid September to end November we had really very few nice or acceptable days. In these last days finally the sun comes through and its splendid. The dogs make a party each time I get into the farm gate.
I guess that all 4 will try to jump into the sidecar all together once Sophie will get into the farm.
Only I hope to be able to reserve her for human passengers and get the Jaquarna runing for the dogs and mountain range trails.

"Its never too late to have a happy childhood" 😉

Hello Tom,
thanks for the tip.
so I am supposed to have a life expectance of 87 years.Question from the insurance, Am I financially prepared to live that long? ... might be.
A russian Condesa predicted once that I wouldn't even get to 30.
I stay with grandma's saying>
"It's not important how long you live, but how intensive..."
The officer at technical revision behaved like a gremlin, You cannot appear here without appointment. come back in 1 1/2 hours...had a nice trip up the 88 year old ox cart road to the atlantic. "The Palm pass" = original Braulio Carillo highway, I never came through so far with the Jawa due to the "pebbles".
The Ural with the original bank made kidney pie... until a slope I will not try to go down without a winch.
So we are one step closser to a number plate and the first mud can be inspected.
Nice golden hour right on top of the continental division.
It just took 1 1/4 hours because all inspectors wanted to have a look and couldn't believe Sophie Travelair would be only 6 month old. Although the plugs were black gases came out good.
So here we go for the lawyer tomorrow...
Sven 😉
32km through our back yard neighbourhood legally for to heat up the engine

Lol Sven!! I hope you get Sophie Travelaire legally on the road by then!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

21:00 our neighbour knoked and handed me over the numberplate... You bet I screwed it on and had a trip around the village with Thomas until midnight.

So here we come. Ahh, ....I had my last drop of 18 year old rum, "Flor de caña"

That's great news Sven!!! Finally, after all this time!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Grrrrhhhh. Obvoiusly Murfey's law has to strike.
Yesterday night I made my round with Thomas and had my last drop of 18 year old rum, and today I cannot find the lawyers proof that the national property register is making the registration.....

PS. Numbers can be very suggestive. 386336= 1963 I was born. 36 was my age when the worst health trouble started after my wife's 3rd lost, and on my 38th birthday I felt like a new born again after 8 month illness. I know now what aches are and do not wish them to anybody.:O
So its never too late to have a happy childhood. 😉

Ah, my daughter approved the new bike."its totally different then the Jawa, Much more comfortable, not as noisy, and has a soft direction"
May she finally get on the taste?

Note: Something is strange. some days the photos will appear only as link and today again as photo. Somebody has an explanation for it?

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I'll post once more again, as there happened a small digital accident: Thank You Lee for advising.
Anyhow you know what computers and two stroker riders have in common?
full or nothing. 1 or 0
I had a Finish motocross buddy. Full throttle or idle, in between he couldn't handle his life. And knowing him he'll still be traveling arround the world for business or sit in a London pub.

Myself I am a proportional control spezi, so over square 4 stroke engines fit best to my piece of mind .(Just imagine a rig made out of a water cooled Norton Commando)
Dose just the barely necessary right from the botom. and travel smooth.


Today was the big day=I got the costarrican owners title....  finally...through with this long story to bring back our family weekend ride.... and blue sky after months of rain.

Today means yesterday Tuesday I got handed over in the morning the costarrican owners title of Sophie Travelair. a couple of typical errant rides to different offices later I have now the stickers for technical revision, paid road tax and liability insurance.(again somebody mixed up data and suddenly in the register my Ural was converted into a Freedom...and now again a single traction bike but 23kw and not 70 (imagine a Ural with 94hp...sounds like a dream,... Costarrican government makes it possible with a simple key strike))
5 Month and 1 week later after handing back The Ural Patrol to Racewayservices in Salem Oregon, I am finally free to ride without restriction.
Till now 400km in a week. Imagine she even takes the bad steep village roads
On Saturday my friend Fernando the Jawa importer came fully dressed into my shop to inspect Sophie and her spares and have a short test ride in the neighbourhood.
He judges: "What a stiff piece of heavy iron!"

"As usually" (Thomas would blame) we had to find out mistakes in spare supply. some of the carb jets fit neither set of carbs I I am stuck with a way too open pilot jet that looks more like for a 2 stroker carb.

Monday downtown at the central Avenue, first street crossing as usually a Taxi driver blocked the crossing and I had to evade him. With the left back flasher signal I ripped off the plastic bumper off a Nissan XTrail (supposed to be 4x4). all damage I had. was that the flasher got twisted by a few degree. To my shame I have to admit that this is in 32 years the 3rd time I hit with a motorcycle another vehicle and the first time I damage the other car, All motorcycle accidents I had were alone or slipping (in contrast with cars i better do not count)

In the evening I fooled a bit tweeking the carbs and found that some when since the transport box unloading the left carb has got a damage. The choke lever is twisted and a plastic cap missing.

The colonial church with the separate bell tower is only half a mile away from the technical revision station. Such beautiful spots nowerdays became rare in central valley. Outside in the mountains you still find a lot of the OLD Costa Rica.
That is where I will head for soon.
Sometimes I will keep you in the cold north informed.
Best wishes from the finest part of our summer.

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Finally, finally, finally! After all the stress and aggravation. Congratulations on having her legally on the road!!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Finally, finally, finally! After all the stress and aggravation. Congratulations on having her legally on the road!!!

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom