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Thomas on his walk North

Hey there guys.
It was great meeting you both in Dawson City. After we split up I made it to meet my friend at this brother's home near Fernie B.C. After visiting them I headed down into Montana then turned for home through, North Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan. After crossing the border back into Canada I was home in two days. The next day after my return I rode into town for groceries and barely made it back home. My differential had finally packed it in. In any event the Canadian distributor and URAL international have stood by me and are supplying me with a new one which I should receive this week. I can't wait to ride it again. The other big news is that both my girlfriend and I have bought Royal Enfield Bullets. Mine is the olive drab military version and hers is light blue metallic. They are a hoot to drive and we expect to tour down to California and back next summer. Hopoe you are all doing well. Cheers,

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Hello Garry, good to hear from You, because I do not find you email adress you left me.
We made it safe down to Salem where we left Sophie Travelair at the lokal agency for to get a high volume oil pump, crate and ship.
Nearly 12.000km in 8 weeks. A distance I needed 2 years for with my Jolly Roger 2 (Jawa-Velorex, 350ccm)
The trip to LA we made in a rental car, I don't think the Ural would have been ready for the heat south of San Franzisco CA.

Your diferential / final drive surprises me that it lasted that long, well done.
Please tell me over the time how the Loyal Ladies behave. I am still interested in a pair of them. And who knows if I might become able to afford somewhen again a trip to the north.
This one left a huge hole in the bottom of my wallet.
My dream would be to head out with the whole family on bikes with style and camp gear.

Enjoy fall with your partner and keep the shiny side up.
Here in Costa Rica we are in the cats and dogs season and pray that no earthquake will provoke landslides, as the ground is soaked.
God bless You and may he guide you on his ways.
Psalm 17,5

Best wishes
Thomas and Sven

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Hey Friends today I got the notice that Sophie Travelair has left Salem on a truck towards LA Port...

Good news... You are a patient man, my friend.

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Today came in a new foto from the friendly Sandlake Country Inn, Bed and Breakfast place in Oregon. We can definetely recommend it to stay at Diane and Ron's place. .
You will have the best breakfast within many miles and leave rolling happy as a kid. 😉 just as we did.
Karl Bärlin played an important rol on my 50th birthday on well as the fotos of my Death Valley accident exactly 25 years ago. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The music was made by hand
Jungs war das gemütlich.
Hamburg 75
Da haben wir die Musik noch mit der Hand gemacht...
"Lonzo" 😉

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The ship is about to arrive in Caldera harbour... I am translating the bills for our costums agent...I get geese skin and cribbling fingers as I only think about riding again.

imagine this was a shooting star in '77 home

You tube is good for a lot of nonsens so here something for NSA, Cia and friends, too
look out for big brother watching you.

I finally found the best of all fast food restaurants.
Sophie Travelair is going to arrive this weekend in Caldera harbour.
Count down is runing to be on 3 wheels again.

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Today I checked back with my customs agent what the bike does...albeit they have announced the arrival of the ship several times in the last 2 weeks... it still didn't come in yet.
We have had now the first 2 really nice summer days (that's only a donkey happiness, because there is still missing a lot of horizontal rain before summer really starts) and my finger tips become nervous seeing the cloudless mountains in the early morning.

Good luck to ya Sven!! Perhaps today is the day...

Tom Wells aka Reardan Tom

Sankt Nikolaus Tag!
I got a huge present!
Short before lunch I got a call from the customs agent, "Sven, hurry up we have to check all the items in the box."
It took us 3 hours to get the bike out of the box, take photos, repack her and check item by item all those tiny bitty spares.
Best of all Sophie Travelair started on the spot inmediately, blubbered calm and came down the pallet and up again without choking.
What a nice present for Saint Claus day.
How long it will take to get the bike out of customs and the metal plate is a question on a totally different sheet of paper.
I hope You buddies get some fine surprise too.