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Thomas on his walk North

writing posts on an ipod is just nasty, i mix up everything when there is a interruption or the batery goes flat

many things happened meanwhile:
today our oregon trip permit finishes at midnight, but in hazelton british columbia we got an extention.
our tripwent over chicken to the canadian border where we arrived three minutes before gate closing

a few minutes later we met our lucky angels David and Felixa from vancouver, who became our protectors for the next week and we met minimum a dozen times and each time they gave us great tips or had a cup of tee ready.
they presented us on the camping place to Garry a firefighter from ontario who just had a lot of technical troubles with his ural patrol, he had been stuck in dawson city for nearly a week.
on our way to whitehorse we found a badly hurt black bear cub who should have been sacrified inmediately. but what to do? without weapon, mother bear probably behind the bushes and you youself with you own cub. an indian lady later called the police when she got telephone signal again.
whitehorse: we met again the english globetrotters
made inspection at the motorcycle center and could not leave the town for two days
each time we intented to leave the engine starved.
we got transparent snow mobile gasoline hoses and clamps. still didn't work out / had to drain the tank for to open the gasoline valve. and now i finaly found the reason why the left cylinder always is hotter then the right one.
the gasoline valve's diaphragma is working like a minicarburator and so providing a continuous false air inlet that is not enough compensed by the gasoline jet.
as i pulled out the gasstation to try the repairs result Garry passed by whom we had left behind in dawsoncity two days before.
later our dear angels picked us up at a sole gas station
next day we met garry close to the continental division where he changed tires again. and again we left him allone. at the junction to the cassier highway he passed his bad luck over to us. as we passes us while we headed backward for the restaurant hundred m later the sidecar tire ran flat!!!!!
few minutes later our angels passed by for to say good by the last time
when we headed south on the cassier highway garry overtook us. the next two days we kept together untill vonderhoof and bad luck was gone.
since the our stops were lac le hache and merritt

ever seen a cat with different eyes? this friend says he is the motels owner and guest only task is to pet him

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Are you in Salem yet?

just arrived sunday 18th 23:00.
thomas comment: oh what boring toget home.
11450km later. i'm interested what Jim will tell us tomorrow.
funny coincidence exactly on the parking lot at craters lake's restaurant the odometer showed 11.111km
have a pint on it

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work day at Racewayservices, Salem Oregon and lot of telling how the trip was.
we made a long list of things to recheck, fix and change.
the new designed swing seat is a simple screw on part, just one more hole.
so far it seems to make quite a difference on rough road.

the rear bumper and first aid box screw on without any tweeking needed.
the new headlight will have to show in the night if if is better in deed.
but after yesterdays long night ride after the ride arround crater lake we went from Roseburg to Salem on the I5 full throttle so i need some sleep

try and error = one of the best ways to get to decent results.
i just come back from a round arround Salem airport.
the new fancy looking headlight is a bad design ( dark and short low beam only a single spot on the high beam / due to its clear lens and parrabolic mirror it might be appropiate for fog, but to drive with a short dark low beam in rain? - for an aditional light on the sidecar it would be a good option) the original works way better as i prooved these weeks, so the fancy one will go back.
but as it draws more current and was getting darker at idle revs, it showed me that generation needs to be looked at.
todays BIG improovement is the new spring saddle ( i guess its called C7 # 11547/ i'll update later)
on a rough stone patio i could go right over the holes and piles and didn't recieve any hit into the spline. all it did, was shooting me up like on a trampoline and land further back on the saddle.
that will make up even for costarricans rough back roads and the bad regular roads when some goverment will betray its own people again.
this seat is not very big nor thought for a heavy or tall person but should work for me and others with weight from 75 to max 95 kg / 165 to 209 pound, way better then the original tractor seat with its rubber block and the torture frame hidden by thin rubber. pictures will follow. for the back seat we will have to fiddle a bit more though.

the rear bumper will help to have a grip in mud games wher to get a hold to or tie a rope to.
the polished finish of the first aid box should remind car drivers to swith down their surplus lights or high beam. that is the hope, only time will tell.

wrenching the whole day for get Sophie Travelair ready for export. Tomorrow will be the last road trip for to check out and compare the different carburator types

a new loop arround the block for to test the original carburators => mount Hood
very economical fuel consumption and does adapt some to elevation.
But: close to overheat the spark plugs and lack of power in mid and high rev range.

the forest fire close to The Dales is impresive and darkens the sun at noon.
highway 99E from Oregon City to Salem is more interesting then the map lets expect.

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Highway 99 is way above I-5 in regards to scenery and usually has better (smoother) pavement. All the way south.



we just escaped via 99E because I5 and 2..? were extremely full of cars and there we went sneeking of and had a calm drive south
today shop work and melancony that tomorrow is the last day with Sophie Travelair

hopefully al paperwork we did friday and saturday works out right as it should
how strange it feels to drive an automatic car after pushing Sophie Travelair for weeks.
saturday we went down the oregon coast crossed redwood forrest and enjoyed two days of twisties down "highway 1"
seems like "high" was the company that build this beauty of a road.
San Francisco we left as fast as we entered and now search for Sequoilla trees.
in one of the small oyster towns we met a triumpf with a watsoniansidecar and had a nice talk with its owner Terry.
on this windy hwy 1 i definetely would have loved to ride with the rig. it qas great fun until entering SF. where driving fun disappeared instantly until we left Fresno uphill

we got up to the park entrance above squaw valley were an irish fellow arrived on a rental harley
750 miles in one day left marks in his face.

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