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Thomas on his walk North

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saturday was a remarkable day.
the first actual day on the definete day on the walk north
in the morning while thomas made the laundry i got from jim petiti important tecnical instructions. when i picked up thomas i got the notice of the pass by of our most important costarrican boxer Tuzo Portuguez with whom i am in debth for his help and brilliant example.ó-causa-de-complicacion-en-sus-pulmones
i met him the first time 1989 when he still used to drive his harley with beadle tires and a special permit for not to use helmet because of his skull damages.
last oktober i presented him alfredo curriel a dear friend amd former boxer too who needs 3 "oil changes" dialyses a day. both with health issues but good admirable attitudes.
to get to know jim is for thomas and me an honor too.
definetely he lives everyday with a great attitude most persons i know never will get close to. and those who do are real examples to follow.

after office houres we left via silver falls mount hood to odell oregon where we arrived late.
we thought there would be a town fair, but it was a "simple" mexican marriage, perhaps 500-1000 people.
asking for a stay for the night when it was already dark i answered a lady that my reason to come to odell was to get to know finally in person Vernon Wade but it was not possible to call him.
to our surprise she became a kind of guardian: "oh, vermon is a good friend of mine. it shouldn't be too late..... i'll show you the way." what she did in deed in her own manner.

to stay in front of Amy and Vernon Wade (adventuresidecar) in person and not over the phone became a very pleasant experience, that left its impresion in thomas too for the warm hearded wellcoming of us two foreighn strangers.
saturday night and sunday morning became an experience to remind, stay in a tipi, monkey the first time on an enduro rig, make a turn the first time in25 years together with another rig driver, having the same manner to resolve a minor roadside repair and a "surprise" lunch is fun and worh living.
Amy and Vernon thank you very much for you hospitality and all the valuable tips. we hope to met you somewhen again here or in CR..
i cannot seeany more imust finsh practically blind tomorrow more

yes in deed, to visit Amy and Vernon was to me not a casuality but somthing that must have been aranged by him above. or as i believe for many years, part of the destiny that is written already when we get born.
just observing the herb garden detail tell me they are a couple who are made one for the other and they live with artistic style and well thought background. who else would combine fresh kitchen herbs, vegatables, beams grown on tipi posts with chrisantemes, which are flowers that are excellent insect repellants.
Vernon, i like your sence of humor and recicling in a literal manner (think of your heat protector in the kitchen) you definetly combine definetely life art, art, science, practical application and sence of humor in a maner i am far away from.
possibly i am too stubborn german/i make things in the Bismark way or not at all / i better learn from you, my future designs will tellafter the journey north.

sunday we crossed over to washington with the engine suffering heat and monday was vulcano Saint Hellen day. with the carbs sincronized in the morning riding was fun in these fabulous roads.
Saint Hellen we humans are nothing against nature!

i better hurry we will ride out with Keith Birmhofer and his grandchildren.

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together with Keith Birkhofer and his 2 grandsons we made a nice trip into the forests
So Austin and Connor, what were the lessons of the day?

in each and every thing you do make it that way that you can be sure that in ten years you will be able to be proud about it still.

We met this Gentleman on his way to the doctor on his 1989 ural. best luck.

Silverdale became our stay for the night, although i would have prefered Allyn.

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nice ferry beautiful suburb gardens and excellent dinner made the day in the edmonton surrounding.
i would have loved to say the same thing of the Boeing factory visit and the exhibition future of flight.
i guess people were more observing our rig and me pushing the rig during the traffic jam for to cross the I5 then what caught attention at the factory visit. the building dimentions were impressive. i still ask myself where is the crane structure hidden the longitudinal roler beams were way heavier then the support and load capacities. the rest run through a service tunnel. information zero. photos zero. although there was a fuel cell electric plane in exhibition.
by the way very few persons are aware that fuel cells are a german patent from 1927 and hadbeen used in submarines in ww2, but were locked up under us military secret until late 1987.
in 1952 a former submarine officer converted his bmw r25 into an electric model run by a fuel cell pakage.
perhaps oldtimer markt has a search option in its internet page for to find the article about it
another bmw r25 modified by its owner had hydraulic final drive and abs in the 50tees.

Today lets go to the flight restauration museum where we arrved too late yesterday

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It was a great day riding with Sven and Thomas in the Capital Forest west of Olympia. Beautiful views, nice roads and lessons learned by my grandsons. They loved it!!!

things are writen:
in bellingham we asked at the ferry if there would be space on some ferry north. an hour later we were embarking for Haines. in the friday afternoon traffic we wouldn't have made it to the ural distributor.
so next station probably Anchorage??? for oil filters.
best wishes to everybody from Ketchikan Alaska the whimpy way.
question is: may we find a mast and sail for to get south?
Thomas and Sven

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This is Steve and Marcy we met you the 4th of July .

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