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Thomas on his walk North

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Hello Lee,
first i did mistake you with Lee the accidented knucklehead driver (burnt igntion coil) we just gave a lift to Knappa near Astoria Oregon.
definetely the magirus with vertical H shifts, the deutz tractors, the MAN and the 1960 Willies taught me somthing. plus my former 9 bikes a and my first boss Helmut Paetzel how to listen to an engines talk. but i would have expected these additional points which i had to figure out myself that they would have been explained by the distributer's mechanic Robert. That is my reason why i explain it here, so others do not commit the same mistake.

speed: 25-45mph 40-75kmh mostly 2nd and 3rd gear 4th gear only above 45 mph when it goes downhill.
stay in the shadow forest roads.

meanwhile i feel pretty confortable with the engine. as long the wheather stays cool, non ethanol gasoline appears and there are secondary roads available.
when you aught to get on even single line highway like oregon 26, i get stressed, and certainly everybody else too.

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Hey, Peter Pan, Thomas, think you have a whole new adventure going here. I'm thinking that Ural rigs are a different breed altogether, and you are right, you have to adapt to them, and not them to you. Good luck in your adventures.

we have a great time in still Oregon. only3 things can drive me nuts here
search for non ethanol gas (as soon the 10%ethanol gets into the carb engine runs rough)
search for secondary roads that are not on the map and still lead you somewhere for not to be the chassen rabitt
search a night stay with decent breakfast=> today we better get a tent and sleeping bags. we have to buy it because all got left home for weight reasons now i regret it. in costa rica camping became unsafe here it seems the alternative if you are a person who likes a good breakfast.
as more expensive the hotel as worse the treatment and breakfast.
totaly the oposite in germany where a continental breakfast may even include smoked fish of the finest.
in costa rica the more expensive hotels will give you smaller portions, but still tasty( normally)
and for cabins you do not have to travel 50 miles.

bed & breakfast is here in oregon rare while you find it in germany in every small village.
other countries other costums, so let's hit the road to explore!

ps: something fascinating! Nature! to find salamander in costa rica is dificult and you have to go high into the montains. in germany only in the south and maximum i ever met there were three in one morning.
at this spot i counted 7 visible right in front.

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Sven, when you get close to Reardan, don't worry about low fuel in your tank. We have non-ethanol gas available. And you have a place to stay when you get here as well.

Astoria 6,1 km bridge we passed twice just for to get some fuel in washington. insane
made it down the coast until sandlake.
good night friends

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batery low all coment is here in teñegraf style:
dream of mast and sail while wind pushes us down coast line
hill repeated for temp test: power arc on/ left pos cylinder stay cooler 15k = 27F
b&b in sandlake south of Tullamook excellent = special tip for just married couples
sea lions cave a new experience seeing them life and smelling them.
south jetty to late for watching sand padle boogies

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we stayed in reedsport oregon for the night
next morning we continued down the coast until port orford where we wanted to cross through forrest roads to winston. but even gps can not protect you from forest administrators to whipe out roads from existence and maps. so after 3 hours we came out in sixes just 2 miles north of where we entered into the mountains... but what does this matter or the broken sunglasses we enjoyed great landskapes and views.
the road constructors must have been in love with dinamite for to blow out this trace. i prefered no to look down. the stones were barely staying in site at perhaps 85degree.

we had to return direction to salem, from coquille to myrtle point thomas led me intensionally down fishtrap road for to avoid high way 42. bingo great fun.
at a&w "all american food" i could not keep back to drop a buck into the first duke box i have seen in over 20 years.
"you guys are not from around here?" that no was for sure.

in the dark the rig flew up the 42 without any delay to winston, where we passed the night.
today we continued over side roads and a ferry close to suver to salem.
in kings valley thomas got to know the truth of the saying:"there is no free lunch"
we earned our lunch by repairing the ac and arrived due to the delay late at Racewayservices.
At motorcycle gear in salem we got some stuff i had encharged and thomas a better helmet with other troubles of its own.
here we go for our 2500km inspection.
thomas and sven

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Looks like you are enjoying the trip. Keep words, pictures coming.

today was 2500 km inspection and upgrade time at Racewayservices in Salem.
with such a friendly crew and good treatment it is good to come back.
Robert made a great job and was fast while i just was slowly learning how to adjust the lenght and position of the splines of the cardan shafts.

the breather bowl did show an impressing effect after 600 km. 40ccm of water and 20ccm of undefinable stuff that smells like exhaust and appearantly isn't containing oil at all. feels more like a solvent perhaps unburnt gasoline that passed between piston and cylinder. other bikes in the shop showed a lot of oil in the air filter box from the breather tube.

the old story i blamed 30 years ago continues actual, a new bike has not any lubrication on screws and parts when it comes from the factory. while the rear break cam was greased with a lithium grease that will melt in an eye blink.

as in costa rica water is omnipresent every single screw in the future will have to be removed somewhen and recieve assembly paste, grease or locktite 242.depending on its function.
the oils looked good. just as the engine feels as it did not ease up more since the oil change at 500km i insisted in using plain mineral oil, which i use in my KLM.
when finally the motorcycle runs like it should do i might try synthetic oil again. until then i'll stick with the known stuff.
not all desired parts had arrived, but the changes are visible:
rev meter, temp gauge, long life batery, prototype clutch lever out of casted stainless that should withstand abuse. as the first one was bending badly and the former style started to ceed too, i am looking forward how this new part will last. its supposed to have a hardness of 48 rockwell c. that should take for wear on the lever nose and form stability on the lever. the speedometer cable is well cleared.
the wax form for the casted part was made in a 3D printer. neat appearance. i first thought it would have been made with a water jet cutter.
stuff we were dreaming of as students now has become reality in real life.
definety Jim's succesor Frank has good contacts and will continue his work in a good manner.
who will benefit are the future owners of coming generations of Urals.
if i can be of any help i will give my grain.

ps: the rig got its first scratch, The trunk lever flipped back and bent the key,and crack. so may i suggest never to leave the keys stuck in the trunk lock.

good to finally meet you. I enjoyed riding with you.

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