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This web site very slow to respond

Does anyone besides me , have a hard time logging on to USCA web site ? Site is very slow to respond.... None of my other favs are slow, so I am wondering if this site has some sort of a problem ?

Leroy, we are working with our ISP to correct the slow response times. We recognize the issue and agree that it takes longer than it should to move around within the site.

The following is to everyone who reads this post, not just Leroy...

Are you a member of the USCA? Members and none members alike are welcomed here but it would be really great if the non-members would consider joining the USCA and helping to support this site. There are thousands of users here, both folks that have signed in and established user IDs [NOT THE SAME AS BEING A MEMBER OF THE USCA] and many, many more that use the site as anonymous guests. That's what the site is for, to build interest in and information about sidecars and sidecar activities. Still it would be a great thing if more people would join the USCA and help pay for the site. We are in dire need of a rebuild of this site to improve performance as well as the look and feel. That costs money and the USCA membership of a little less than 1,000 members is footing the bill. Please consider becoming a member of the USCA by going to and filling out the form. We take PayPal. You'll get the club magazine as well as access to new features on the website as they are developed.

I agree completely. One of the reasons I originally joined USCA was because of this site. In the beginning, it was very important in my growth of knowledge about sidecars. Learned ab out S/TEP classes and took one. Found my first sidecar on the classifieds on this site. Still have it. Just found the Velorex sidecar I had attached to my Triumph T100 by Lonnie Cook, NW Sidecars, inc, Boise, ID. I've grown to really enjoy side cars by reading this site daily. I look forward to "The Sidecarist" magazine that members get monthly like a kid looks forward to Christmas. Dues aren't that bad and I get the pleasure of knowing I'm supporting a fabulous group of sidecar "drivers", this great site (though sometimes, yes, quite slow), and especially "The Sidecarist" magazine.

Thanks for responding to my concern. I currently don't have a sidecar rig, but you never know when I might have another. Basically I'm trying to sell a leading link setup. I will consider joining. again, Thanks

It is probably one of the reasons that sometimes there is no activity here. People get frustrated by the incredible slow and just leave.

I agree completely with Al Olme!! Come on all you "guests" who frequent this site... you're missing out by not joining the USCA!! And we're missing out by not having you in the fold.

Good thing I was bored to stubbornness last night. I took nearly 45 minutes to make an edit on one of my posts. I finally gave up and after three more tries was able to make a post below it. jesus! It can take so long and have so many failures that I might forget what I wanted to type.

BTW, how did you fix it?

Well Jim, it's slow but not that slow for me. Then, maybe we just have unhappy, non-member, off topic, high volume posters throttled back ;^)

Just an update. We are talking with our host to arrange for a dedicated server or at least a VPS. The cost will go up dramatically, more than 10 times what we are paying now.

We are still open to other solutions and if anyone has a [serious and useful] bright idea, please send it to

I sometimes get normal service like now by coming here at 2:00 AM Hawaiian time

You guys complain about things slow coming up. Out here in the sticks,it usually takes a couple of minutes to just start up.
Tex. rep

I'm beginning to feel that I should not have even said anything about the speed of this site....

Don't worry about pointing out "The Emperor's nice jacket"... we all know it's slow and we're really working on ways to make it better. If we were starting from scratch it would be really easy but we have all this history and the existing forum posts to consider. Oh, and there's the cost. Our host wants to move us to a service that's a bunch more expensive. None of this is your fault, don't take it personally.