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This site

Seems to have an unusually slow response time. When entering the site, I click on the red phrase that says forums and it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to a couple of minutes to bring up the forum page. Then when I click on discussion or tech it does it again.
If I give up and go to a different forum, all is normal so I don't believe the problem is my computer.
What's up?

Strange my earlier post got lost. I guess it was because of flood control.
But in the last week I observed some simmular slowness as You mention. most of all in this sidecar forum, but in other foreign pages too, only not as harsh.

Right now the governments of Siria and China block their inhabitants internet and thoughts.
7-8 years ago Mr. Bush seemed to block a lot of newspaper articles from German "Der Spiegel" that were criticating US politics.
I do not think that our little group of strange 3 wheelers is subject to intromition of somebody.

I think more that the use of modern smart phones is having the same inflationary effect we observe in memory and data transmition for the last decades.
Servers and data transmition do not grow as fast as the people on the street increce their data transmition demand.
And as soon 1 government or private company starts to block their servers all others get effected.

Just look at software. The programs are a little nicer and user friendlier, but use way more resources then a few years ago. A simple 2 minute You-tube video would eat up the whole hard disc of my first Apple II.
I guess to that time the specific work results I got out of that clumsy thing were higher then all the beautiful grafics and videos I get today if I put them in relation to data/memory use, calculation potential and moneywise effords. (just a thought)

Job is waiting and the chatting robbed me nearly half a days work. Efficiency is not calculated in data use, but touchable results in saving clients employee's jobs.
Or as I say. You allways have to get to a functional spot at the days end...I still have not completed Friday's work. (a steel merchant has not enough saws working for to attend all his clients orders... but that is his own fault, not mine)