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thinking about trying a rig

hello i am thinking of buying a sidecar for my ride im looking for suggestions as far as make & price i should be paying and where to get one id like to start used to get adjusted to the ride and see if i like it and i know cheap isnt the way to go but i want to make sure that im not gonna lose my a** in the deal i have a 2000 hd fxstb nite train softail and live in northeast pa i printed out the dealers from the other page on this site and after talking to you ill probably call them too just looking for hints so i dont sound stupid talking to others thanks

I would be glad to answer any specific questions you might have but first you may want to look into the S/tep class. These classes provide sidecars for you to ride. for more information.
The book driving a sidecar outfit which can be purchased many different places including from my company is also a good start.
feel free to ask me any specific questions you may have.
Jay Giese
Dauntless Motors Corporation

You might consider taking a S/TEP class. Most will provide a sidecar to use during the class. THis gives you a chance to see if you like driving a sidecar and learn to do it safely at the same time. You will also gain some insight as to what you want to look for when you go to buy your first sidecar rig.

Adventure Sidecar is offering a two day sidecar driving class in Hood River, Oregon. We use the nationally recognized S/TEP course for sidecars and trikes. We will have a pair of Urals for use during the class.

Evergreen Safety Council offers classes in the Seattle area. They have several
small displacement Japanese bikes which Dauntless set up with Sputnik sidecars as well as an older 750 Ural for use during the classes there. The Evergreen web site also has a schedule of classes offered around the country. Unfortunately there are not many out there.

Well 6ft9,
Free advice and even sidecar info @

Northewst sidecar

thanks for the info im liking this and you guys and gals already

if you wanted to get into a complete rig fairly "cheap" i have a kz13 w a champion sidecar all set up
i am in ct

Where in Pa are you? I am about 50 miles north of Harrisburg and would be glad to spend some time showing you a little about operating these things. You will be riding one before th eday is over and learn just enough to find out you will need to learn more..LOL.
Caution..these things are addictive.
You can also download USCA Co founder,Hal Kendall's books right here at free of charge. Go to the homepage and go to 'books' and you'll find em. He also is giving a CD of these to all new USCA members.
Anyhow,Feel free to give me a call at (570) 837-5182 or email
Too bad you didn't make it to the ISOK Sidecar RON DEE VOO th efirst week in August we had over 200 attend this year. Next year it will be August 3-6. It is near Weikert, Pa which is 20 some odd miles west of Lewisburg. Keep an eye on this site and th eISOK site for more details.
ISOK link is below.

Oh ..that rig stacy is selling has a sidecar on it that woudl look great on a HARLEY. Heck you could buy the rig, sell th ebike and make out pretty good. Just thinkin out loud.

thanks for writing back im located probably 3 1/2 hrs from you in st marys pa ( home of straub beer if youve heard of it) were just north of i80 in line pretty much between erie and pitts i was also wondering about the s/tep class ive been looking around and is the closest one in virginia ???? ill have to see what my schedual will permit and maybe we could get together sometime for a session and a scoot around i dont know when ill be down that way we were thinking about going to the york open house but some things came up and we are going to go next year ( i hope to see or talk to you before that but you never know) talk again soom im sure

i am in the process of getting a rig. i had for some time a 2001 ural but i have sold it and now have a kawa volcan 1500 drifter (looks like an old indian ) it is a 99 with 12,000 miles on it. I am in the process of getting a hannigan but have not closed the deal. visited hannigan at americade looked like nice products.

any one done a 1500 drifter? anyone worked with mary jane hannigan?

My drifter seems to have a lot of power and i feel it would be a good one and look sharp as my bike has a custom paint job (would paint the side car to match. I also have a Pacific coast Honda 94, great ride.

vern mauk