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The transformation begins

OK so now I'm working on 2 things, I'm working on the rear taillight/ er and now I decided after having it on the car and seeing it daily that I am going to widen the rear spoiler, it just doesn't look right sitting in the middle
so I cut it in half then using some stainless I cut 2 halves and bent them into shape to use as inserts to widen it
next I will use the lids of the saddle bags to cut the ABS and mold it on top of the stainless, then I will epoxy the halves together. then I can fabricate a taillight for it

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I have made a little more progress, I got the spoiler back together and hit it with some paint. I still have to finish the base where it attaches to the car and get the LED light installed but the overall mod is done. I got the tail light section complete and threw a little paint at it as well. it is from a rattle can and is only intended to look better than primer. I still have to add the seal around the top of the lights and install the new mud flap. this too is in it's almost finished stage. it's gotten too late in the year to do a proper paint job so I will have to wait until next spring to sand everything thing down for it's real paint job
next up is to repair the damage to the rear fender and the damage on the right front corner of the nose, I didn't have anything to do with that damage, I did participate in the damage to the rear fender

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