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The transformation begins

well a couple more little cuts and I made the first test fit of all the parts, so now I will get all the parts bonded together and into one piece. then I have to close in the taillights to fit the new design
I have to say I'm pretty pleased with the results so far

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looking good

OK I have been working on the rear er/ lights pretty much every day, I just get to work on it a little in the mornings before work and a little at lunch time, and sometimes a little in the afternoon. I have the er part finished other than doing the wet sand for the first coat of primer. I made the brackets and got them bolted on the the car today. I have the outer tail light housings mounted on the er and I'm working on the center section now. I haven't taken any pictures of the process
it's been slow, little cut go test fit, little more cut go test fit. so far I have only had one, that's right 1 oh crap start over issue.
I found the rear panel of the sidecar is bowed inward in the middle, I have never noticed it until today when I bolted the er on the brackets for the first time and was trying to figure out why I had such a gap right in the middle of the center light bar I stepped to one side the sure enough it was the sidecar body bowed inward. so for now I'm going to make the light meet the body rather than take the time to correct the body panel. that would take a lot more glass work than I care to do right now
anyway I will try to get a few pictures later so I can post where I am now with this project

Very nice. Great to have the bodywork skills you do.

OK I don't know why but I have tried to edit my post 3 times and it keeps removing part of the word b.u.m.per and I don't know why, even in this post it won't leave it

"Bvmp" is a toxic word on many bulletin boards, er, I mean on-line forums (guess that shows my age!) It's often used to bring a thread back to the top of a list without adding any pesky "new and relevant information"

By the way, your work is excellent!

hmm never thought of that, strange it would pull part of a word out of a different word

By the way, your work is excellent!

Thanks, I don't know about excellent though. fair to decent maybe

so here are a couple pictures, I shot a little primer on it and bolted it to the car. I still have to work on the center light bar a little and make a few minor adjustment here and there but it is getting close

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I have been struggling with getting lights that will work because it is such a narrow area to work with now that I had to cut the backs of the lights down to get them to fit up to the back of the car. they make a triangle shape now that goes from the lens edge down and only goes out about 2.5 inch out at the bottom. this meant I had to remove the entire refractor area of the light assy. and now even a 1156 bulb won't fit inside the area I have to work with. Now I knew this going in so I knew I would have to go LED and most likely LED strip. the problem was getting the right brightness and having different brightness for the brake and turn lights. Well today I finally found my answer. I found a small 3 bulb LED that has 2 brightness ability using 2 sep wires, so I am installing 3 in each taillight and I took the refractors and using the heat gun flattened them out then molded them in to fit the new lens design. it doesn't look factory because it doesn't reflect as even as it did but it works great. I'll get some pictures to show what I was up against and the little lights I found

here are a few pictures, showing the taillight housings and after I cut them down to fit, then the rear part of the refractor lens I had to mold to the taillight. the lights are just sitting in there loose but you get the idea of how it's going to work

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