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The transformation begins

Well the time has finally come. I have bought all the parts I need to convert my Motorvation II into what I'm going to call Motorvation II SE
I'll start by saying right up front I am not a body or paint man but have done my share over the years so I can only hope this turns out as nice as it looks in my mind 🙂

The plan is to take the parts I bought, saddle bags and lights, front lower radiator chin, rear trunk spoiler and modify them onto the sidecar
I'm also going to make the fender well flare out just a tad, this will be for effect as well as to repair the boo boo it got from making contact with another rig at the Monumental Rally 😮

this will be a slow process but I will try to document it with pictures and details about the changes

first pic is the way it looked when I bought it, well after I stripped and sanded it
next is after I painted it , then after I mounted it to the bike.
I was only slightly happy with the paint job as my 2 tone section didn't come out right so I knew I was going to repaint it

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OK so today I took step 1
I cut down the rear spoiler to fit the back of the car and threw some paint at it and a little reflective tape to give perspective of where the light will be. I can see now that it has been test fit
that I will need to grind down the back part of the base to get the overall angle correct. the sidecar body slopes down so it makes the spoiler point up too much
but all in all I think this will work out good

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I did a little more work on my project this weekend, I'm working on the nose spoiler. I had to cut it into 3 sections because in it's original size it is too wide and too tall to fit the nose of the sidecar
so after some careful cutting, grinding and forming using a heat gun I managed to get it into shape to fit the car. I am using acetone and MEK to bond the pieces back together then countersinking rivets
here are a couple pics of it, first in when it's in 3 pieces, 2nd is after it's bonded and formed to size. I still have to fill in the seams and do a test fit, I should be able to do the some time today

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Interesting.. looking forward to seeing your progress.

OK I got the chin spoiler test fit, I got it on a little off center and maybe a touch crooked, I stepped back and the first thing that came to mind was the ARS Champagne Jam album cover

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I think I'm going to try to add a side skirt down the right side to get the spoiler to blend in better. maybe go back with a solid white on the repaint, I think the 2 tone is throwing the look off. makes the alignment look out of place.

any thoughts or comments are welcome

well I just couldn't get over the spoiler looking too big, so I took it back off and cut it down some more. I think this will work so for now I'm going to leave it alone and move on the the next part

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I have been working on the rear of the car a little. I removed the er/ light bar and the mud flap I had made so I could start the sizing/fitting of the new parts
I took a good set of used saddle bags and started cutting them up until I had the parts I needed to start the build with. I also cut and ground the taillights so they would fit against the back of the car properly
the first picture is the car once everything was removed, 2nd is right after I started cutting up the bags, 3rd is the pieces I'm now working with to create the new look

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