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The "Time Machine" has arrived...


Finally, my new to me Sidecar Rig has arrived.  It's a 1981 Honda CB900 Custom with a Vetter Terraplane car.  Bought it from a guy in Idaho and got to experience the shipping process(es) as part of the deal.  Coronavirus played an important role in delaying the shipping, but I outlasted the delays.  Now to just outlast the virus itself.

This is the 3rd rig I've had in the past 4 years.  I was very concerned about buying an old rig and not sure how stable a three-point attachment would be - worries are pretty much behind me.  This rig handles really well; almost no head shake and goes straight down the road.  The 900 has more than adequate power when I twist the grip.

This picture was taken about 10 minutes after I got it home.  Has a thick layer of storage and transport dust all over.  Looks like it going to be a great Machine for spending some Time.

Later, Bud...

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Reardan Tom

Nice ! Now go out & take some pics of your adventures !


Great looking rig Bud. Glad you finally got it home. 

If you need any tweaking to it, you can always talk to Kent at Texas Sidecars in Houston

Nice, and now rather unique, rig, Bud.  Looking fwd to seeing it in person.

Lee Summer Grove, LA Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

nice looking rig, I always liked the look of the Terraplane, looks good on the old wing


That's not a Wing and if I'am not mistaking that should have a high and low range which should work good with the sidecar. 

2FLTC, good eye.  Or did you read the description in my OP.  It does have a Dual-Range transmission; however, the 900 has enough power that I don't need the low-range here in the east Texas rolling hills.  Might if it was loaded and at altitude, but not planning to do that for a while.

I would like to talk with someone knowledgeable of the Terraplane (someone that has experience driving one, preferred).  But I'll talk to just about anybody about anything.  Since we can't Personal Message here for phone numbers, my email is:

Been riding it locally and still on the first full tank of gas.  Took Mrs. Bud for a ride around the neighborhood - she approves.

Later, Bud...


Bud, on the Terraplane, there is a guy in East Texas who has two of them mounted on Goldwing 1200's. I lost his name. Contact Marcus Renfroe at Pineywoods Rider Academy (936)637-7555, he knows him and can put you two together. Or Lee might have his contact #.

Looking forward to hearing your comments and seeing your new rig.





Bud, I'm looking forward to seeing this rig later on.  I hope you are considering the USCA National Rally in Arkansas next June, and perhaps I'll see it there.


Bud, make the June 2021, not this year. The rally has been rescheduled due to the virus out break.