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The responsibility of the reader

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Information about sidecars is tough to find. One of the great things about this site is the depth and scope of technical information that is available here. One of the terrible things about this site is fact that we don’t vet the technical information that is available here. What did he say?

We are a very open environment and we let “almost” anyone post here so long as the subject is sidecars [even in some tangential way]. Because of our specialized subject matter, lots of folks come here to ask questions and that’s a huge part of this site’s reason for being. Because of our open nature, anyone can reply to these questions…even if they don’t know what they are talking about.

It is the responsibility of the reader to sort the wheat for the chaff as it were. PLEASE, read with at least a slightly skeptical attitude. If you see six posters that basically agree on a subject and one that is off in the ozone, factor that in when considering who to believe. If you want to do a little more checking, you can click on the poster’s name [handle here] and see how long he’s been on the site and maybe look up some of his old posts. If you see a poster who is giving you advice and then find that he has been on the site for a month and when he first came on he was asking the same questions that you are asking or if he openly admits that he paid no attention to the advice of others… well, you get the idea. DON’T PAY ATTENTION TO IDIOTS!

You have a responsibility to critically evaluate all the information that you read here and make your own decisions, good or bad.

Thanks Al. The same applies to most anything on the internet. "Never believe everything you read on the internet." -Abe Lincoln

Thanks for the lesson on responsibility Al, a much needed lesson! It's hard to believe the number of people that believe it's all true because they see it in print.

What Al said.

I'm not so sure about this ...



What are you unsure about? You've been here for a couple of weeks and you believe that everything you read in the Internet is true? We feel that folks here make a best effort to provide good information but we don't censor or fact check unless things get out of hand. That means that you could read differing opinions on a topic and in some cases one or more of them could be dead wrong. The reader makes the final decision on what or who they want to believe.

There's a good example of such a thread going on right now. An experienced motorcyclist is buying his first rig. He is considering driving it home, a trip of about 1,000 miles. He asked if it was a reasonable idea or a terrible one. He got opinions on both sides but in the end, he has to weigh the input and make his own decision and the reputations of those who responded comes into play. One of his responses came from a respected figure in the business and another came from a guy who did the same sort of trip as a newbie. Which of those opinions is more valuable? I made a similar trip on a new rig a week after I got it. In the end, I survived but I didn't have much fun. Would I do it again? I'm not really sure.

There is also a common sense aspect in making the decision but in the end the reader is responsible for his own actions.

If you'd like to dig into the ideas here, your input or questions are welcomed.

I was being ironical. It was a joke. 🙂


Rogue - 12/30/2016 11:27 AM

I was being ironical. It was a joke. 🙂


'Hard to tell and with your short history, I wasn't certain. Emoticons are available on this site.

Some folks enjoy dry humor not watered down (see what I did there?) by emoticons. I gather this is not the case here. As you well noted, I am new here and learning. In the future I will try to remember to be more obvious.


You can use the emoticons or not, your choice but be prepared to be misunderstood... it's a big part of asynchronous communications.

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