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the postman delivered

the postwoman delivered the new directory today. very nice. the constitution and by-laws is a good addition. like the idea of a stand alone book. a job well done.

Thanks Fly - glad it is finally in people's hands. My grand plan was to have it there mid May, but one thing or another... Next year for sure!

Steve,Gotta remember ....good things sometimes take time

I join the others in congratulating Steve on a job well done.

The idea of a stand alone mag is just great.! The first issue of The Sidecarist I ever received had the Constitution and Bylaws in it and, frankly, I was disappointed (at the time) that space was devoted to such. I wanted to see sidecars!!

There is a time and place for everything and the fact that Steve has undertaken this project speaks well of his commitment and dedication to the organization. It also shows that an organization CAN make changes. This one is for the better.