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"The Oasis of my Soul"... A Lifelong Journey on the road...

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A single candle

Taking a break for a few days...

We have not been here in a while. Colorado is now behind us and so is Kansas for sure. Bad Internet connections in isolated spaces, none most of the time, bad back while sitting long periods on the clock, New Mexico is also in the past with its daily storms and now enjoying The Oasis [Texas] for a few days before taking off for Midland next Tuesday, a week from now, to see my favorite spine Dr... This too shall pass as this is no way to live on the road for sure. Surgery even sounds appealing at this time and winter ahead will give me the opportunity and time to recoup. Might even get two new hips which then I will call myself the "bionic rider"! That is because riding cannot stop...

It is still a bit warmer here than I would like it to be but for some reason 90 has become doable for us when in the past 80 was the limit. I guess, just like pain, one can get used to much of everything.

Colorado was pleasant and cool as ever even if also with daily storms, a State we never get tired of visiting and exploring its back roads. As far as New Mexico I had forgotten the quiet campground called "Valley of Fire" where we spent a couple next and even bumped into the "Butler Maps" crew busy of course... mapping! As usual we dropped South a bit too early but with our riding limited to under 100 miles a day I thought it would be a good idea. I had not planned falling backwards but it allowed me to move my appointment sooner and as usual, besides the pain, all works out.

We did stop at Three Rivers where at least 20,000 Petroglyph are still weathering and also as I try every year while visiting a little Chapel up the road dedicated to departed Children, "Santo Nino de Atocha", light a candle for Lance and reminisce about our times past times together. Where we were and where we are now, standing a bit taller on that ladder of Life. The Journey within the Adventures.

Stay well.

Ara and Spirit The Journal The Photos

9th Year, the Stars, living under them…

Ara and Spirit

Trying to find Peace... TX

Is it kind of an intermission while at The Oasis in Big Bend, Texas, in and out of Dr's listening to their opinions? It is! Initially not happy about it [who would be?] I have learned to accept the steps required which will some day give me, us, a better quality of Life hindered at the moment by hips and spine falling apart! The hoops one has to jump through has increased. Just these past months the laws have changed and a simple spinal steroid shot which only had a two to three day wait for an appointment is now three to five weeks. All of course are only band aids for the inevitable surgeries which stare at me throughout the near future. So we wait... and wait some more.

The upside is cooler weather here. Perfection it is which brings up the moral as we can ride a few miles here and there especially when Big Bend National Park stares at us daily. "It's not that bad" I keep telling myself as this too shall pass when we regain our previous quality of such Life. One day at the time... Patience, perseverance and a few round trips to Midland!

This space does give us Peace day after day. It is the true design of The Oasis. It is its purpose while away from it all and undisturbed from the mundane realities. These few acres do not have a pedestal topped with self gratification, they do not have the beaming light with the "look at me" neon sign too popular these days across pages and pages of a social media gone too often haywire. That's my opinion anyhow!

The greatest pain relievers are Spirit and Old Faithful. The roads do not cure but lets me forget the internal damaged body. They always do as they did throughout these years past as we are entering our tenth year wandering. It does not require any pills, only fuel and a helmet!

Regardless of it all, I have to feel fortunate towards what we have, what is present and never lose hope that some day soon our quality of Life will be once again present as it use to be. And it will...

And by the way, if anyone could harbor us in Midland [TX] at times, could be for an overnight or eventually two to three weeks when surgeries happen, please let me know. We are low maintenance!!!

Stay well.

Ara and Spirit The Journal The Photos

10th Year, the Stars, living under them…


A Sabbatical? Yes... TX

It is not a "closure"... It is a "sabbatical" much needed. It took me a week of writing trying to explain on our last Journal entry the reasons and the whys of my decision and so there is not much sense trying to duplicate it here. For those who care to read it, you will understand... or not!

As much as we lived for ourselves, wrote for myself, as it has been now a few days off the Social Media platforms especially such as Facebook, I had never realized how deep the claws had dug in, in more ways than one! I am keeping our Instagram account which I really like while I can admire photos from all over the world [arawithspirit] and our You Tube channel under my name Ara Gureghian. Our Journal will stay open, just at idle for now, the little envelope icon is our email address. Our Smugmug Photo Gallery also, it is under the Beemerchef name. Our Book "Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash" will continue to be available on Amazon or autographed by "us" through the last entry of our Journal.

I thought it would only be fair to come here and post this. The Journey will never stop as long as we are mobile even though some surgeries are right around the corner. I hope and looking forward to them so I can be as a Friend of ours said "second hand brand new".

Colder weather is now upon us here in Big Bend, Texas. This has to be the best time of the year. Invigorating I must say as even Spirit cannot stop running around in circles like a madman. He is a madman! We have passed the nine year mark on the road a few days ago and I have never heard a complaint from him. I think he has even started writing his own book... I will let you know when he is done.

We shall be back sooner than later I have no doubt. This is now almost as living before all this Internet craze started. Truly living for ourselves...

Thank You for all the support these past nine years... looking forward to reopening these pages in the future.

See you on the road...

Stay well.

Ara and Spirit The Journal The Photos

10th Year, the Stars, living under them…

Do you know where to find essay examples ?

katerome - 3/30/2018 2:20 AM Do you know where to find essay examples ?

And this has what to do with sidecars??????

As it had been quiet about Ara and Spirit for a while, I just checked, and saw Ara writes again in his webpage:

After pretty much time "off grid" and "off line" this year, it is good to see well known pages and faces again.

Best regards from rainy season in CR.


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