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The new, improved, website

Hi guys!  Been away awhile.  Like the new website but have some questions.  Did we lose all of our old albums and tech stuff?  I can't find any of the pics or the tech stuff I uploaded many years ago.  And where is the listing of the Officers and the BOD?  Was wondering how many of my old friends and sidecar acquaintances were still in the game. Noticed that my avatar and signature were gone, too.

Like I said, I've been away and life is finally getting back to some semblance of order so I'm putting together a new rig and looking forward to getting involved in the USCA again.



Bob,  What was your old screen name?  We moved all 78,000 posts.  All of the tech articles should still be there.  A very few were credited to a default user called "Guest" even though guests can't post.  All of the pass words had to be reset and the signatures were lost but you can go to your profile and add a new signature and/or avatar.

Al Olme

Bob welcome back.  Can't wait to here about your new rig.  If you need any help i'm just down the road.