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The Natchez Trace


Anyone still interested in doing the Natchez Trace please let me know what dates would be good for you. Have one rider who prefers to wait until weather cools off. Unfortunately that would conflict with school. Tough for me to get even two days off in a row with Baby Girl in school and participating in three sports. This ride should be very informal. Anyone interested is invited, including two, three, four wheels or more. If you are interested in sidecars, I'm interested in you. We can all learn something. You don't have to ride the entire trace either. Some folks might get bored doing 50 MPH the whole way.

By the way, during my OH to MS run with my daughter we did not see a single other sidecar rig on the road. That was a total of 1,072.4 miles and the only sidecars we saw were at the Hannigan factory in KY.
Did see one when touring northwest OH with by buddy. Beautiful Victory with a Canadian made car (aluminum body and plastic fender). Made my new/old 1999 Honda/Dauntless look like a relic. Fits me though. 😉

Mike in MS

I think we can survive the heat during july or august...the trace has a lot of shady areas and places to stop and cool down....actually before school starts will be better for us...we get very busy right before school starts with kids needing immunizations for school....we are about 1 1/2 hr from the start of the trace in natches....we have lots of area for tent camping along the river and 4 small cabins for anyone who would like to meet at our house and ride up to the trace to start the ride....mike just let us know when and what we can do to make this happen
our cabins and tent area is open at anytime to anyone passing thru at no cost to members of the usca.


We would like to come over and talk about this ride. This weekend the girl has a basketball tourney. Would July 1st and 2nd be workable for you. We will be out of your way by the holiday. Please contact me here or at or 601-78807409.

Mike in MS

will be glad to have yall hurry to leave on our account..we have no plans for the weekend
call me at 225-202-2780

Met this weekend (in person) with two other riders who are going to participate in the Natchez Chase run. After considering schedules, weather (the heat really is a factor), etc. it looks like we will not be able to make the run until November. The weather will be much nicer and most schools have a week break for Thanksgiving. Some of us have to consider the kids. Therefore, as it now stands, if there are no significant changes, pending further developments, and on and on. We will have an informal (non USCA sponsored) sidecar cruise of the Natchez Trace the week of November 20-26. This should gives us all time to get our things in order. There will be a group gathering near the southern end of the trace that week. Anyone interested in joining, please let me or kjunglide know. Anyone interested in starting at the northern end, let me know and we will see if we can get someone up there to be a point of contact for an informal gathering.

Also remember all it takes to be part of the fun is an interest in sidecars. Anyone on two, three, four or more wheels is invited. Don't know about one wheelers. :O

I can be contacted here on this forum or at: or 601-788-7409

in MS

Bringing this ride back up to get a feel for anyone with interest in joining Mr Mike and I on a ride up the Trace or down to meet us during the Thanksgiving week.
We have no specific plans made, but would like to see if anyone else wants to join in on the fun.

Hello Pat!

Hope you and Brenda are well. Very busy here. Have started coordination for next years "Sidecars On The Coast." Hope to post more info soon.

Mike in MS

Hello Mr Mike . Cary (Bubblechaser) is interested for November run. I am now a newbie sidecarist. Just obtained a 94 Goldwing with a California attached and am looking forward in learning all I can. Hopefully will see ya'll there.

Mike, sorry to be a ghost for awhile but I sold my Ural at the end of July. Turns out I bought a new Gear Up October 1st but will not be able to attend the ride in November. I did drive down the Natchez with my wife this past weekend. Have to say driving from North to South this time of year the afternoon sun was awful. It will be much better coming from the south. Once I get the Gear Up broken in I hope to do it again by motorcycle. Depending on where your group ends up each day my wife and I recommend three Belmont Hotel in Belmont, Ms. It is an old hotel that is slowly being renovated. It has a large common area like you would see with a bed and breakfast where riders can sit around talking. There is a Mexican restaurant across the street. Price was $65 including tax. It isn't five star but the hospitality is perfect. Also, at the northern end, highly recommend the Cool Cafe in Franklin, TN twenty minutes to the east. Family owned and open for lunch and dinner and worth the visit.

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Thank you very much for the tip. As of right now, the ride may not take place as a group. :o:-(

Of my two other confirmed riders, one is still recovering from the flooding in south LA and the other is hedging.
He does have a business to take care of and I suspect his sales may be up during that time frame.
If anyone out there is for sure interested, please let me know as soon as possible.

Mike in MS