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The Natchez Trace


Hello again.

As I said in the other thread, I'm getting confused with two events being discussed on one thread. All who are interested in doing the Natchez Trace - Please post comments here. I likely won't be able to handle it until after the other event on April 2nd. But really think it is a great idea to ride the Trace with a group of sidecar freaks.

Kilometera - You have some great ideas there. I like the BBQs at both ends. Gives you something to focus on while gliding along the Trace. The parts I have covered are really gentle rolling hills at a leisurely pace. This may take some coordination.

kjunglide - Where are those cabins? I might have to come over and verify their suitability. 😉 By the way, I have a nice cabin on my land used for a hunting camp where sidecarists could flop but it is really off the beaten patch.

Woodyambison - May take a while to get this going but stick with us.

This could be a good way to get other sidecar drivers who are not members of the USCA involved.

Comments are invited.

Mike in MS

Thanks Again,
Mike in MS

mrmike.. I am located between Hammond la, and Baton Rouge, in a little place called Holden, La...we have a place in the woods along the tickfaw river...we have the cabins for our riding friends from florida that come down a few times a year to ride the curvy roads....we are about 1 1/2 to 2 hr of backroad rides to the start of the trace in natchez....we enjoy meeting other riders and would especially like to have other sidecar enthusiast come by.


Sorry for the slow response. I've been running around in circles trying to get this April 2nd event going. Haven't had time to look up Holden, LA but will do. We are in Richton, MS about 25 miles directly east of Hattiesburg where highways 42 and 15 cross. Not much here but it's quiet. The camp is in Greene county nine miles east of here. It's real quiet out there. If you come over for the show in Biloxi maybe we can ride up here before or after. Would be happy to have some sane company. Most folks around here don't know what to make of me. Write when you can.


Is this ride still in planning stage? Noobie on a 2 w vtx1300. Made up my mind but haven't committed yet. Would really like t check some of the rigs out. Thanks , Cary.

Hello Carey

Welcome to the world of sidecars. Yes, the ride is still in the planning stage. As the MS state rep for USCA, looks like it will fall on me to get something organized. Right now, I am really overloaded trying to get our first ever Mississippi sidecar rally going. It will take place on April 2 in Biloxi, MS. That's not too awful far from Bastrop (?). Have had some other folks from LA tell me they plan on making the run over. If you managed to come, you would have a chance to check out a number of different rigs in detail and take a ride or two. Would be glad to take you for a ride in either of my rigs.

After the dust settles from the rally I hope to get some more info out on the Natchez run. By the way, two wheelers are welcome at any kind of event I'm involved in organizing. All it takes is an interest. Hope to meet you soon. Email me direct or call if you have any specific questions.

Mike Bodisch
United SideCar Assn
MS State Rep

Thanks Mike. Hope to get my fires out and join Ya'll. If not, I do love the Trace.

Just in case you have not heard, the First Ever MS Sidecar Rally was a relative success. Now it's time to move on to other things. I am in the middle of a deal to purchase another sidecar rig. It will be delivered Wednesday to a good friend in northern Ohio. When Baby Girl gets out of school, she and I will go up there and ride/drive it back. That will be on or about the last day of May. Then I hope to get with anyone who might still be interested and run the Natchez Trace. Are there any of you out there who are still interested in participating? If so, let's see what we can do to coordinate this thing. This time I sure would like to have some help. HELP!

Life is an adventure!

Mike in MS

Time to revive this thread. Going up north Friday to pick up another rig. Will be back by mid month June. Then, it's time to ride the Trace. If anyone is still interested, please let me know. Pat in LA, are you still with me on this one. What would be best dates for you? When we get back, might come over and visit.

Anyone interested please contact me here or by phone 601-788-7409.

Mike in MS

im still up for it, pretty much open to any date at this time....just got back from Arkansas trip....pretty hot now and getting worse by the day down here...maybe early fall would be a good target.

I an am still interested. Not sure if new wife and I can get away after July 4th. Planned to but now not sure. I will keep checking here to see when others can go and might be able to join. If we look like we are going early I will post our itinerary here. Mom fell Sunday and broke her hip at 87 years old and so it looks like a ride to Florida to check on mom and dad is in the works.