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The LBS Overland

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Well it finally had to happen. I got the phone call that the Overland rig was ready. First road test confirmed my suspicions. We didn't build an over land rig, we built a Sports Car. I am very pleased. It was a pleasure to work with Mike at LBS-USA. The whole process even though delayed by Covid Border Closures worked out fairly well even crossing back into Canada, after paying a whack of taxes of course. Dammit! Now to see if I am worthy of this new machine.

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First class looking rig.Enjoy it to the fullest. J.R.

Ambassador at large.

   Sweet looking rig, have fun enjoy.

That is awesome looking. that thing just screams Fun. I look forward to hearing about some of the great adventures I'm sure it is going to provide 

USCA # 8913

One awesome rig, hope to see in person at national rally in Hotchkiss, CO.

Would be well attended if you and Mike could co-host a tech session on the design and build of your new rig... ???


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Plans are very fluid at the moment. I do have time booked so Hotchkiss is a possibility. Mrs. MGV8 has expressed a desire to see the North after much cajoling of course, so that might be the direction we head. You have to grab opportunity when it presents. LOL I will certainly keep posting updates as I get familiar with this new Machine. 

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