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The Great Yellowstone Raid - 2015

Thanks for the info. I have reservations at the Yodeler on Tuesday 6/23 and The Sheridan Mill Inn on Wednesday 6/24. Left a message and email with Yellowstone River folks for Monday 6/21.

Hope to see you in a couple of months.

Just out of curiosity, is it really true you have the Honeymoon Suite at the Mill Inn - with the red, heart shaped, sauna tub?


I may have to join in at some point. I am heading out from home the 17th and had planned on running up to Manitowac and taking the SS Badger across Lake Michigan. From there I will most likely head over the Mackinac bridge to the UP and then start working my way West. Not sure when or where to get to Sturgis but it is entirely possible to cross paths with this here ride most likely at Sheridan. I will be on a new rig so I guess I need to see how that is going to work out also.

Quote Duncan, "Just out of curiosity, is it really true you have the Honeymoon Suite at the Mill Inn - with the red, heart shaped, sauna tub? "

Eh... yeah, sure, why not?

Re: Al OLme.
I have already registered for the Sturgis event.
I am planning on heading for the Twin Cities to visit family after Sturgis.
Should be a good ride.
I grew up in Richfield and Medicine Lake.
Looking forward to meeting you in person at Sturgis

Del Lonnquist

This sounds like a good ride Al.
I picked up a Mini Mate Tent trailer from Open Road Outfitters when I went through Virginia, and camped 30 nights on my rides through the south.
If I can get some of the other obligations out of the way I will give some thought to your ride through Yellowstone.
May your ride be long
Be Fantastic


I don't know the mix of campers vs. motel folks but we have some of each. You're more than welcome either way.

Thanks to the help from AJ1200, I have all my camping reservations confirmed and will see you in Yellowstone but unfortunately with out my traveling Bassett, Tripper. She has the summer off.

Tripper is coming after all. Where we meeting up?

I'd like to see about meeting up Sun. afternoon or early evening for coffee and general conversations. How about it.

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The "Plan" [such as it is] is to meet at the Yellowstone River Motel on Sunday as critical mass arrives. I'm guessing that'll be around 4-5 PM. The camp ground that has been mentioned so far is just down the street from the motel so as folks gather we'll send a scout down to look for silly three-wheeled vehicles and invite them down. If anyone else has a different/better idea, have at it, you won't hurt anyone's feelings with a different plan.

We'll probably look for a common place for dinner Sunday evening but that meal, like all the others, is on your own so you can join in or seek the quiet pleasure of your own company.

Sunday evening, after dinner we'll have a little meeting to set expectations and make sure everyone knows the basic route for the next day. Remember, if you don't want to go where we're going, you are more than welcome to strike out on your own. EVERYTHING regarding routes and times is subject to change based on traffic, weather and bears.