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The Great Yellowstone Raid - 2015

Here's an update and more detail on the ride...

TLMaryann and I will be staying in Gardiner, MT at the Yellowstone River Motel [hereinafter the YRM] on Sunday evening, June 21, 2015. The YRM is a Mom and Pop place with a new and an old [sorry, they say “vintage”] wing. Cheap clean rooms according to all reports, with air conditioning, free WiFi and close to lots of places to eat. I picked this place because they were nice on the phone, recommended by other motels in the area and the only place with anything approaching reasonable rates. STAYING IN OR NEAR YELLOWSTONE IS EXPENSIVE! Would you believe that the Super 8 was $160 a night? The Travel Lodge started at $545 a night, for a Travel Lodge!

NB- The Yellowstone River Motel is closed until the middle of April. They are answering email [slowly] but you can call and reserve on April 15th according to their last communication.

Anyway, The YRM has reasonable rates for the area [$96 - $129] and they offer an AARP discount, so figure about 10% less. We'll stay there for two nights departing on the morning of the 23rd. The motel is less than a mile from the North Entrance Road

For Monday and Tuesday we'll explore Yellowstone. Plan on about 4 or 5 hours a day in the saddle with lots of time to stop and enjoy the scenery and all the natural wonders our nation's first national park has to offer. On Monday, its 56 miles from our motel to Old Faithful but folks say it will take about 2 hours. There are wonders to see along the way either outbound or on the return. We'll be on Hwy 89 for most of the day. It will be a full day. Of course if you don't want to ride with the group that's fine, just tell us that you're striking out on your own and when to call the park rangers if you don't show up back at the motel.

On Tuesday, we'll branch off Hwy 89 to go on the east side of the park via Hwy 20 and then in the afternoon we'll head out of the park via the Grand Loop Road and Hwy 212 over Beartooth Pass to Red Lodge for the night. We’re staying at the Yodeler Motel, 601 S Broadway Ave, Red Lodge, MT 59068 406-446-1435 . One of the owners, Tulsa [she], has a sidecar rig and a big dog to ride in it.

Not sure about Wednesday, some advice says we should go back into the park to pick up Dead Indian Pass and Summit. It appears to be one of those special places where you just HAVE TO visit at least once. There is an alternate route back so the group can either split up for that stage or all decide to pick one route. Either way, we'll push on to Sheridan, WY to spend the night. Staying at the Mill Inn 2161 Coffeen Avenue, Sheridan, WY 82801 307-672-6401 . It's a converted flour mill with reasonable prices and a lot of historic appeal.

From Sheridan it's just [possibly 223 boring] miles back to the Elkview Campground to join up with the rally. I'm looking for things to see and do along the way. Again, there are a couple of routes and we can decide based on personal preference. We can do a little exploring in the morning and roll into Sturgis on Thursday afternoon.

Just a note here, we will have a chase vehicle with the trailer "just in case".

The fine print…
1. This IS NOT a USCA rally. It’s just a few folks who are going on a ride together.
2. I’m not “in charge” I just did the leg work.
3. You are all on your own to make reservations in the places that we’re staying or where ever you’d like. I chose plain cheap places that looked clean and had air conditioning. You can go upscale or you can camp if you want. Be very careful about other places you may choose. I looked at one really nice lodge only to find out that it lacked indoor toilets.
4. We’re going into a national park. Most of us are seniors and if you are 62+ you can get a lifetime pass for just $10. You can probably get one ahead of time in your own home town. Google, THE NATIONAL PARKS AND FEDERAL RECREATIONAL LANDS SENIOR PASS. For the younger set, a seven day pass is $20 for a motorcycle. I don’t know what they think we are, what with the extra wheel and all but I used the Senior Pass at the Devil’s Tower Park and it worked fine.
5. If you don’t like where we’re going, when we leave or the route we’re taking, do your own thing. Please let us know so we don’t have to go looking for you or suffer the guilt of not looking for you.
6. You don’t register for this ride but it would be very nice if you told us you are coming.
7. If you think that you have a few months to think this over, you’re wrong. If you plan to make this ride you need to start making reservations. The accommodations, especially the ones normal folks can afford, fill up months in advance. It IS NOT TOO EARLY.
8. Got a question or better, a suggestion? Call me at 612-759-4666 or works too.
9. No, I will not be dressing up as a cowboy.

If you want to get a taste of the Yellowstone Raid, go to . We won't see it all but there is a lot to see.

It did not work.

Works for me, give it another try. Start at #15 on the map. That's home base for the first two nights.

OK it work this time. LOL

It looks like the Beartooth Highway has its own facebook page. I just can't believe the scenery we'll be traveling through. There are other pages about the highway and the pass, here are a couple of others I found ,

looking over the map and other links is getting me really stoked for this trip. any tally on riders joining in the raid so far

97 1500 SE Motorvation II sidecar USCA # 8913 Double Dark Side # 1522 Goodyear Fuel max 175/60 R16 PILOT ACTIV 130/70 18

Since we didn't ask for registration for the ride we have no idea. The only people I'm sure of are TLMaryann and me, oh, and the chase truck driver. I've had folks say they were coming and many more ask for more info but I didn't ask for hard commitments because it's supposed to be an informal thing. If you are planning on coming, YOU NEED TO MAKE YOUR MOTEL/CAMPGROUND RESERVATIONS NOW. The ride will be successful if everyone who goes has a good time, not based on the number who go. If we have too big a crowd it would be a logistics issue but we've dealt with that before.

I'm hoping that the Beartooth pass will be open. If it's closed I have an alternate route.


Thanks for putting this together. I've ridden the Beartooth and it is every bit as good as folks say. If you can, I recommend you do as others have suggested and ride back into the Park from Red Lodge, Pick up the Chief Joseph and do Dead Indian, then hitch onto WY 120 down into Cody and take either US 14 to Sheridan (or 16 to Buffalo for the folks staying there). Both 14 and 16 are nice rides too.

As you know, weather in June in that part of the country, and the elevations involved, can be iffy.

I'm planning to travel east to my mumblemumblemumble-th college reunion June 12/13 in Beloit WI, then west to the Chief Joseph Rally in John Day OR the next weekend, then back east to Sturgis before retuning home. The Google says that's over 6,000 miles round trip the fast way with no scenic roads. But I'm certainly planning on avoiding the interstate as much as possible and time permits.

I'm trying to figure out how and where to meet up with y'all. It's a couple of days from John Day to Gardiner.

I hate to over-plan stuff but you are right about making reservations and I need to get on with that.



We are planning to backtrack over the Beartooth to take in Chief Joseph Hwy and Dead Indian pass. Several folks have said that going over the beartooth from the other direction is like riding a different road. If folks aren't up for a day that long, we have a shorter route figured out straight down to Cody and then 14 [a nice ride in itself along side the Shell River] into Sheridan.

As far as meeting up... We're staying in Gardiner at the Yellowstone River Motel on Sunday 6/21 and Monday 6/22. On Tuesday we'll be in Red Lodge at The Yodeler Motel and on Wednesday 6/25 we're at The Mill Inn in Sheridan. You can pick us up anywhere along the way [anyone can come and/or go as they wish].