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The Great Passion Play-Eureka Springs

We are looking for interest in attending the Great Passion Play in conjuntion with The National Rally.

The Great Passion Play-Eureka Springs AR

See America’s #1 Attended Outdoor Drama - The Great Passion Play! A spectacular experience brought to you by a cast of hundreds. You’ll be inspired as the story of the Man who changed the world forever unfolds before your eyes. Our popular family vacation and group destination is located in the beautiful Ozark Mountains just outside Eureka Springs, Arkansas.

About the Play

Performed in a stunning 4,100 seat panoramic outdoor amphitheater, The Great Passion Play features state-of-the art sound and lighting effects and original music in a dramatic two-hour presentation of the last week in the incarnation of Jesus of Nazareth.
Witness the colorful spectacle of the marketplace, the pageantry of the chariots and camel caravan, and the hustle and bustle of the crowds as they go about their daily activities drawing water from the well or herding their sheep through the streets of Jerusalem.

Scenes from the Play

Accurately based on the Old Testament prophecies and New Testament accounts of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, The Great Passion Play portrays the significant events in the last seven days of Jesus of Nazareth prior to, and including, His ascension. In addition to the Passion Play drama, plan to experience as much as you can of the following:
The increasingly popular New Holy Land tour, featuring over 30 full scale exhibits set on fifty acres, is a unique blend of recreated Bible sites, Bible history and storytelling that transports our guests back to Bible times.

The Bible Museum is a premier collection if over 10,000 manuscripts, including some very rare and valuable pieces. The Museum also features a 20 minute video presentation of the history of the English Bible.

The Sacred Arts Center features a collection of sacred-themed art including masterpieces and unique, remarkable works in a variety of mediums. Opened with our 2005 season, the all new Museum of Earth History features a spectacular collection of full-scale dinosaur skeletons such as appear in world-class museums, as well as other fossil specimens and artifacts. The Museum also has a 400 gallon aquarium with interesting sea-life. The Museum will document the creation account of the Holy Scriptures. The Great Passion Play Restaurant is designed to serve groups quickly and efficiently. Free things to see and do include a visit to the Christ of the Ozarks Statue (tallest memorial statue of Christ in North America, second tallest in the World), the Berlin Wall section, and the Parable of the Potter.
As an added value, admission to the Bible Museum and Sacred Arts Center is included with purchase of any ticket to The Great Passion Play performance or New Holy Land tour, or you may pay admission to each museum at the door if you are not planning to experience The Great Passion Play or New Holy Land tour.

We have arranged a special group package for the USCA on Friday Evening. Prime show seats have been held for us for up to 250 people.

Option 1
Great Passion Play (GPP, Museum, Arts Center)...
Regular Adult Admission: 23.25
USCA Adult 18.00 USCA child (6-11, under 6 free): 10.00

Option 2
GPP + Dinner Buffet before show...
Regular Adult Admission: 34.00
USCA Adult 28.25 USCA child (6-11, under 6 free):15.50

Option 3
GPP Value Pack (GPP, Buffet, Holy Land Tour)...
Regular Adult Admission: 42.00
USCA Adult: 33.00 USCA child (6-11, under 6 free):18.50

Please vote to indicate your interest in tickets. We will purchase them at the rally so please, don't send any money at this time. The possibility exists that we may form a parade on the south side of Eureka Springs with escort to the GPP!