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The Devil's Highway - Pennsylvania

To anyone attending the Keystone Sidecar Rally near Clarion, PA, August 19-22, I must HIGHLY recommend a trip down nearby PA Route 666 ("The Devil's Highway") through Allegheny National Forest. Approximately thirty miles long, it is western PA's best approximation of Deal's Gap. Tons of curves, great scenery and a relaxing (?) way to spend a solid hour of riding time. Doesn't matter which end you start from; either direction is great. On a nice day, expect to see more cycles per mile than you have ever seen on any single stretch of highway!

I have ridden PA666 five times. 4 2/3 times on a cycle and 1/3 time by ambulance. Ride #4 in Sept 2002 was cut short when Bambi decided to obtain retaliation for all that venison jerky I had eaten over the years. She damm near succeeded completely! In August 2003, after lots of rehabilitation to both myself and my BMW R100RS, I rode 666 again to, as they say, "get back on the horse". I came away satisfied at the accomplishment but also swearing I would never ride 666 again.

Well, knowing what a great ride PA666 is, my negative feeling has faded. Come the Keystone Rally, I will be (for the first time) riding The Devil's Highway on my sidecar rig. The ride, and the scenery, are so nice I just can't stay away. If you can get over to Allegheny National Forest, you'll find the same attitude grips you, too.


Hope to see you there Sarge..even if we come in the

Good to see that others will make it this year we have one last wedding to get to this yeardown in New Port News VA.This will be the first KSG Kampout that we will not be able to make in 7 years. Hey Claude showing up via 4wheels beats not being there at all you will still be around SIDECARS unlike myself. also the ride along the river to Tionesta is pretty good to there is a small museum just a ways south of Warren called Simpler Times no bikes,but it is worth the stop.


Know when you might come to Kalyumet? I can always use a monkey for the 666 ride - if your MD would allow. Willing to lower yourself to ride in of them thar Commie Pinko Ruski bikes? (Somebody has to break in that Ural "deluxe" sidecar seat!)


I think YOU would do very well as a 'monkey' in that 'Commie Pinko Ruski sidecar'...When do you want me to come out.
Claude 🙂 can ride in mine too

When is the 2006 Rally and how far is it from Pittsburgh? Maybe I can mix business with pleasure?

Dr. Raoul Duke
"Good teams win, GREAT teams cover"

It is the 3rd weekend in August every year as for distance from Pittsburgh not sure but it is about 13 to 15 miles north of I-80 from the Clarion exit.
Hope to see you there!

Information in regard to the Keystone Kampout, August, 2006 can be found at under the Upcoming Events.....and many other events.

Chris at HACK'd

For anyone interested in the Keystone Sidecar Group's kampouts...KSG now has a website and all their events will be updated on there for every year.

August 15-17 2008
Early Bird August 14, 2008