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The correct size tires for a 2018 Goldwing Tour with sidecar?

i’m going to need new tires on my 2018 Goldwing with a sidecar.  Only got about 6,000 mi. on the OEM tire. Wanted to install a rear tire on the front installed backward and a run flat car tire on the rear. Does anyone know the proper size tires that will work for this on the 2018 GW tour? Don’t want to spawn a pro-con debate, just how to cross over the tire sizes. The dealer says the rear tire size won’t fit on the front. Looking for some suggestions on how to make this work. Thank you

From the GL1800 Darkside forum.


"I believe most are running the same size as on the previous models, 195/55-16. I think I've heard mention that some have tried the 205/55-16, but believe it's a rather tight fit."


You are on your own for a front tire..

Thanks Tom. Sorry for the delay in responding. Traveling North eastern Pa. Really beautiful riding in the foothills.