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Thank You USCA!

Mile Laubestein, the webmaster here at posted this at Sidecar Talk today.
>>I have added a "Legislative Watch" Forum to wishing to post information over there is welcome to do so.
If possible, post a Bill number or Link to the Bill being considered.<<

Mike I want to commend you and the USCA for doing this.
I Do not think I would be out of line in saying this in behalf of all sidecarists.
We all want to have our sites portray the fun that sidecars can bring us and have brought us in the past. We should,however, never lose site of the fact that these fun and games may be jeopardised if we stick our head in the sand.
We also want to encourage new people to the sport to enter in with their eyes open to the differences in operating a sidecar in relation to a solo machine. Saftey and training is very important for sure.The USCA has been wonderful to be a huge part in making this happen. The instruction manuals written by Hal Kendall (USCA #2)which were posted here free for the viewing does document that the intent of the USCA, Hal Kendall and is not to make a buck off of this valued information but to get it into the hands of the sidecarist. Hurray for that!!
Now with this LEGISLATIVE WATCH feature being initiated at I feel , as founder of the Internet Sidecar Owners Klub, that the intention of the USCA to serve the sidecarist old and new alike has been confirmed even stronger than before.
I trust that this 'Legislation Watch' will prompt many to come forward when they see legislation being formed that may affect the sport we all love. I trust that this action by the USCA will be seen as a bold step in the face of those who may have self serving motives to feed off of the sidecar world in general. There may even be organzations that operate behind closed doors that may wake up to the fact that there is a voice out here that should not be denied or ignored. These people I am sure are now well aware that if they do not come forth early on then there intent will have been defined by their lack of doing so.
We have a blood bought right as Americans to voice our concerns and now The USCA has given us yet another opprotunity to make others aware of impending legislation.
Freedom my friend is not free but it does not cost a bankroll to stand up and be counted when the need to do so is evident. Remember a stamp on a letter to an elected official is not that costly.
If you do not stand for something you will fall for anthing.
Thank You !!! Mike, John Kennedy and the USCA !!!!!