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Hal Kendall a founding member of the USCA, past USCA President as well as holder of other offices here, ISOK moderator at SCT,sidecar saftey advocate and undisputed friend of sidecarists worldwide has allowed the USCA to post his Sidecar CD in it's entirity here at
Go to the homepage and there is a link there to lead you to it.
I want to thank you, my friend, for the efforts you have put in over the years towards educating sidecarists in a clear and easy to understand manner. Most of all I want to thank you for your dedication to all sidecarists new and old alike as a service to them with no personal gain as the motive. I trust that in some way you have received, and will continue to receive, a personal satisfaction from your efforts that rises far above what a mere dollar can buy for you have surely earned it.
Thanks Again and hats off to you,

All Claude said, and more! I've have had occasion to eulogize a number of friends in the past few years, and each time I tell myself that I need to let my friends know how I feel when they are still here to know. Thank you, Hal, for all you have done for motorcyclists everywhere and especially for those of us with that one extra wheel.

While we are handing out thanks, on behalf of the USCA, I want to publically thank Hal for his contribution as I already have privately. I addition, our thanks go to Mike Laubenstein, our web master for his work in getting the material published here.And of course we want to thank Claude for telling the whole net-enabled world about the new posting here on

I'd also like to send a "thank you" to Hal Kendall, I just read the catalog of sidecars and finally was able to get a positive ID on my car.
(it's a Smitty Hawk II from Ames IA in case anyone was wondering) I believe Hal's book is a catalog of all known sidecar mfg's.
Anyway, my thanks again,