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Thank you for letting me join


I got price from Kevin. I now asked him how I can make a payment to him.


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My machinist friend who makes old VW carburetor parts on CNC lathe said the bolt must be 12mm 2.0 bolt. It is very rare, however, it exists. 2.0 and 12 are close enough checking with gages like I usedd 


I agree with Jay.  I think that you're making this more complex than it is. In short, you're "buying trouble". The likelihood of the existence of a bolt like you describe is VERY LOW.  No reasonable person would go to the trouble of making a unique bolt when a perfectly serviceable bolt is available.  [The only potential exception to this is the English during their love affair with Whitworth. They did lots or REALLY dumb stuff] 

7" works out to 177.8 mm.  My favorite source McMaster Carr offers a High-Strength Class 10.9 Steel Hex Head Screw M12 x 1.75 mm Thread, 180 mm Long for $4.02.  If you want a lower grade [and if it's just holding on the fender a lower grade or stainless bolt would do] the prices are lower.  Here's the URL 




Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

Oh, sorry I couldnt express myself well enough since I am a Japanese. I prefer the easiest way of fixing my things. I tried to find a nut to fit the end of the bolt, however, I couldn’t find any. I think comparing it to my Metric gage shows the reason a 1.75 pitch nut doesn’t fit the bolt. So I asked the machinist and his reply was; as photo included

I decided that  I cannot get bolt M12-2.0 -180mm anywhere except from the manufacture of Cozi sidecar. I have tried to get contact with Kozi Wheels for almost one month without any reply fr9m them. I also contacted the Cozi distributor in Lethebridge and lastly Cyclesidecar in ND…. Kevin sold me parts I need at last. I appreciate Jay’s advice to talk to Kevin. Now I am very happy getting proper parts for fixing my sidecar. I still worry a little about the bolt. My sidecar is probably 6 year old. I don’t think there is reason to keep using odd sized bolts for manufacturing so they might have changed TPI to regular pitch 1.75. I

I know Al likes Mcmaster hardware, however,  the most US suppliers are very difficult to deal with for Canadians. I haven’t tried with Mcmaster, so I am not saying they are one of them.

Anyway thank you for your input。  

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You English is just fine, I just believe that you were pursuing a difficult path.  Kevin is a good guy and I'm sure he will help if he can.


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John Holbrook
Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

I received necessary parts to fix my sidecar this morning. I worried a little thinking they might have changed the pitch of the 12 mm bolt to regular 1.75, however, they have kept the same 12 or 2.0(?)… 


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