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Texas Training

Training available the first weekend of every month at Pineywoods Riders Academy 3415 East Denmann Ave. Lufkin, TX. Contact Marcus Renfroe

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Thanks for sharing this info.

Couple of questions...
I just started riding a sidecar rig and would like to take a course. Do you know if the school will supply the sidecar?
Is this a 2 day course?

oops, I just saw the brochure links posted...

hey Sal; i spoke to Marcus a couple years ago, (maybe three?) and at that time he had a few rigs; 650 Yamahas from the late sixties i think. i never took the course, but it would prob. be a good idea.

Hello, I am planning on taking this class, I ride with Denim, need to be safe on the road..

Thanks guys, I would like to take the class but don't think my rig is up to the long hwy ride. She's a little small.
I guess she can always be trailered up there.

Denim= I once had a Virago (avatar pic), great bike.

Angel Eyes= When are you planning on taking the class?

Sal - 8/11/2013 12:25 AM
Thanks guys, I would like to take the class but don't think my rig is up to the long hwy ride. She's a little small. I guess she can always be trailered up there....

Jena & I both recommend the training -- we've both been thru twice. Sal, we trailered our rigs down the first time we took the course -- matter of fact, all 4 sidecar rigs + 1 trike were trailered in on my first go.

Lee / Summer Grove, Louisiana: Ural cT, CJ750, Burgman/Texas Ranger, Zuma 50F, MB5, TW200, CRF250L, GTV300

SwampFox, I think it will be the best idea to go ahead and trailer it up there.

It's been pretty hot lately so hoping to take the course sometime in the fall.

looks like Karen and i won't be able to take the class till october; she goes in for surgery aug 16th so sept would be a bit soon. we avoid major hiways, as we generally drive the rig at about 60mph tops, a bit slower on group rides. i do hope to make a ride on Labor Day with a group of Houston Ural Riders thru the national forest around Coldspring and Double Lake Park. what is your rig Sal? maybe we will see you up in Lufkin.

Denim... wishing Karen a speedy recovery. I was hoping to join in the Labor day ride but not sure at the moment.
I have a 1981 Honda cx500/Spirit Eagle Sidecar. Anything over 60mph and she sounds like she's about to go BOOM!! LOL

Do you happen to know what weekend in Oct is the class held? We'll be out of town the 2nd weekend.

thanks for the wishes, it looks like they are pushing her surg. date back to the 26th, so i'm not sure i can make it myself. i think it is the first weekend for the class. it is possible to avoid I-45 or I-59, and 55mph is legal as long as the speed limit is 70 or less, and i think it is the speed that Ural recommends their rigs be driven. from the East side of town i use hwy 146 for my north/south corridor. from the west side of town it's a bit more complicated, but a way can be found to get up to Coldspring (Double Lake Park) without getting on a major hiway.

We'll keep in touch as the date gets closer and maybe we can meet up somewhere along the way.
I'm still not sure if we can make it but really hoping we can.