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Let's see if this allows me to post to the "Board Forum" or if it simply goes to "Forum Help"

If not, anyone with a idea on how to post to the board firm. I can find no way to start a new thread on the board forum.


If you aren't a member of the Board [I'm not] you can't post there. You can only read or see it because you've applied in the past and were added as an observer. Send an email to your Regional Director and ask him to post for you.


BTW, I'd really be happy to see a new rolling rally.

OK, thanks,Al. I appreciate your knowledge. I could find "new Thread" at the bottom of every other forum; knew I was blocked from Racedis II as an observer (only) but did not realize this applied to the Board Forum also.

With the way things are headed today, I suppose I no longer have need to post what I was going to say, which was essentially, Let Gerald go; don't beg him to stay, but it looks like they ave let Gerald go already.

The rolling rallies were a lot of fun, but due to multiple health related problems the last three years, the future of such is in doubt.

Tom; I have been trying for 2 months to get where I can monitor BOD. Lots of luck. What Joyce posted a long time ago; Contact sec. verifies your membership status and then it goes from there. Lots of luck. J.R.

It used to be that simple. I suspect Joyce did a lot of things we didn't realize she was doing, maybe including that giving access to Radedis II. Should be Colin's job, but it is possible that he doesn't know how to do it. Our new President, Al Olme, or perhaps Steve Woodard should be able to fix that for you. Suggest you contact one of them directly.

I have been monitoring Racedis II for several years. Intend to keep doing just that. It has been interesting the past several days, with a lot of chaos in the interim, but we DO have some excellent board members and I feel that they are getting things on track. I am really proud of those who are working for the good of the organization. They have really stepped up. Swampfox, Kent, Stu, JW Short, Dan Banwart.

I am calling out David and Colin. Why are you not participating in one of the most important things that will ever cross the table during your terms?

Harking back to when I was on the board, I got really frustrated with those who did not/would not participate. I wondered then and still wonder why a few board members accept the position and then refuse to join in the discussions, oftentimes even failing to vote on issues.

Participation and communication are the keys to having a great board and organization. Those who are board members and fail to act like board members should resign and let someone who cares take their position.

Hi Tom - good to hear from you. 🙂
In the old, old days.. 🙂 A member requested from Sec. the right to read Racedis. Secretary checked with membership to verify member status. If a member in good standing, secretary sent request, member email addy, etc to Joyce. Sec. doesn't have the website clearance/access to make those additions/changes. At one time there was actually a list of secretarial duties and how they were completed.... Much has changed since then. There even used to be an open read forum where the results of board votes, and amendments etc. under consideration were posted, and that info was the same info the Secretary sent to the Editor, as secretarial minutes.

Based on the BOD meeting in Arkansas.. (a good Rally, BTW) I suspect that some of the board members do not know that they can receive email notification when new info is posted... and, ONE could not be bothered to show up until after the meeting. I guess he had other business... As he had been there earlier...

It must have been easier/faster for Dear Joyce to take on the extra duties rather than train/delegate...

Wishing the board good luck.. I think they will make things work out OK.

J.R. has had observer status on Racedis since Thursday but since the website hasn't been available there was no way he could check it out. J.R. if you still can't find your way, give me a call and I'll walk you through it.

We'll make this a priority to fix. Thanks for bringing it up.