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tempted to take your rights as a motorcyclist for granted

If you think your state is bad it could get worse. As a member of the AMA I get e-mails from them time to time. This one is about new laws in PR. What ran through my mine as I was reading this was two things one it could happen any where and the last time I was in PR it was hot. Hmm every time I been in PR it was hot.

The below is copied from the e-mail.

If you're tempted to take your rights as a motorcyclist for granted, just take a look at some of the most recent stories at The insurance industry attacks sportbikes, using rigged statistics. A federal agency takes a superficial approach to motorcycle safety. And a U.S. territory passes strict new laws on motorcyclists.
And the link below will take you to the story on the new law in PR.

Michigan is going to repeal it's helmet law but with a twist. If you want to ride helmetless you have to pay $100.00 per year for a waiver or $200.00 for three years.

I always wear a lid anyway. If you head is worth nothing don't wear one.

Originally written by SCT100 on 10/21/2007 10:33 AM

Michigan is going to repeal it's helmet law but with a twist. If you want to ride helmetless you have to pay $100.00 per year for a waiver or $200.00 for three years.

I always wear a lid anyway. If you head is worth nothing don't wear one.

How do they propose enforcing it? Will they pull you over to see if you have a reciept? How about out-of-state riders?

Originally written by SidecarMike on 10/21/2007 12:58 PM
How do they propose enforcing it? Will they pull you over to see if you have a reciept? How about out-of-state riders?

I haven't a clue. I don't believe the legislature does either. It's all about revenue as I'm sure you know what condition this state is in.

If you ride into Michigan at present, you have to don a helmet at the state line or face the consequences so I imagine that if you reside in a helmetless state you can ride into the Wolverine unfettered, I guess.

We started the summer with helmet checks until someone took the State Police to task and then they realized that there is actually no Snell standard to check a helmet against on the side of the road and that ended that.

I always wear an expensive helmet. My head is worth it. It took 57 years to fill it up and it's not quite full yet so I don't want to spread all that knowledge on the pavement.........

Almost 75, 12/13/08 , 62 years so far on bikes and I don't wear one unless I gotta. I live in Idaho now and I don't gotta.
I've missed out on several interesting wrecks in this time because I could see and hear where the problem was coming from. This wouln't have happened with a full face helmet that isolated me from the real world.
Like religion, If you need it, I don't have a problem with it,don't force it on me. Like Sinatra I want to do it my way.

Northwest Sidecars

The only ones who save money when helmets are required are insurance
companies - and that is a savings on wrongful death lawsuits.

Helthcare for a dead person is less expensive than a person who's
head was one of the only parts not injured.

Helmets increase survival rates, and also increase the number
of severely injured survivors.

How many survivors of head injuries which a helmet would have
protected against do you really think there are?

So the notion that helmets save tax and healthcare costs is bogus.

If you think the Puerto Rican laws are strict, brace yourself...
they will arrive in Washington State. Look at what is happening to
boaters (who represent about 15-30 deaths annually).

In Seattle (and the rest of King county) Child & ADULT bicyclists are
required to wear a helmet. So if you live on a quiet culdesac, you
aren't given the freedom to decide if the risk level is acceptable
to you - unless the risk of a fine is acceptable in addition to the
remote risk of a serious head injury.

Welcome to the Nanny State - please sign over your freedom.

having a friend who died from a brain injury, after 15 years in a coma,..I have to ask,.......what's your brain worth??? I could never imagine blasting down a freeway or highway bare headed, the coconut is worth too much,....

Having landed head first down a rocky hill when I overshot a landing in 1973 when riding off-road, I'll say that I am a firm believer in helmets when used under the right circumstances. I escaped with a separated shoulder and several body bruises and scrapes.
As I maintained here last year, I have avoided several interesting life threatening collisions on the roads through the last 62 riding years by being able to be aware of my driving environment. This is accomplished best (for me) by not limiting my peripheral vision and hearing by wearing a fatigue causing, clunky helmet to limit my awareness of the traffic scene that surrounds me.
So far, I've survived two major road wrecks helmetless. The least bodily damage incurred was to my head.
That lid that they say to discard if it is dropped on the pavement from more than 3 feet will lead some into the false security of feeling bulletproof while "Blasting down a freeway or highway helmeted".

Unlike Canada, Pro choice in Idaho.

hehe.. we'll agree to disagree lonnie...I could never do it...but I agree, the choice should be there for the rider, what is next? a sidecar is an illegal accessary for a motorcycle? .. bars are too wide? seat too low?, where does it free is free anyway? have a great day, crawf.

I would almost never ride without a helmet.

Probably never, except the occasional slow ride on gravel roads in
my neighborhood.

Even if I could with complete assurance say I would never ever
ride a motorcycle without a helmet, I am still against helmet laws.

I'm not debating whether a helmet is safer, I am debating the reasons
given for why helmet laws should exist.

Risk is a personal choice when it only affects the person making
the choice. Otherwise, wouldn't motorcycles be illegal?
Who can say that a motorcycle is safer than a car?

I didn't care about helmet laws until I almost got a ticket
for moving my motorcycle a few spaces in the parking lot of
an A&W so that the classic car guys could have the spot for
their cruise night (When I got there they didn't have many cars
in the lot yet - but when they got more cars I went and moved
my bike to be polite).

I was moving 10 mph on private property, and told the cop
very politely that I thought I wouldn't need it on private
property, so I didn't bother to wear it to move 100 yards
or less in the parking lot. He informed me that it is a Public
Area and that vehicle codes are applicable.

He was a hardnosed rookie, but finally relented when I told him
what bothered me most was that he was writing me a ticket for
doing a good deed by moving my bike so that the car guys could
have the spot. I didn't have to, they never asked me to, I was
just being considerate.

At that point I became anti helmet law.

Mark says: Who can say that a motorcycle is safer than a car?

I would: On the bike I have just 5mm clothes as protection, in a car 1 to 1,5m sheet metal - that is understood.
But as my old father always said I am good on bikes but a public danger in cars (nowerdays not that bad anymore)
I always said I prefer to kill myself then somebody else.....specially I am (and was always) afraid of hitting a child.

Seeing the tremendous amount of fatal accidents here in Costa Rica I am sure if these drunken or speeding bastards would drive bikes not cars the roads would be way more safer! They would eliminate themselves not others.

(once I stayed intentionally behind a slingering car and when he whacked away a bridge's reeling post, I first intended to help. As soon I opened the door I slammed it again, that bad was the alcohol smell from the 3 guys.(hits in the face look ugly but are not that dangerous))

One argument in pro the helmet law: Last summer (December) I shouted to a guy down town, he should put on his helmet. He turned and came back to offer me a fist fight... He didn't accept my argument that in case of an accident the whole society (social care) will have to pay for his imprudence. This because I have enough from having to give already 3 times "last auxiliaries".
Its not nice at all.
So my argument in pro the helmet law is: A brain damage or dead caused by a biker without helmet is not due to his own responsibility and shouln't be his free decision, but he is affecting others who will have to help him perhaps to the other side of life or worse have to nurse him for the rest of his life as if he would be a newborn AND he makes the social system (us all) pay unnecessary expenses.

Just my 2 cent.
Excuse me if my explanation is a little weird or confusing.
Best regards
Sven Peter

PS: strange the site was down for 2 hours and I haven't seen a coloured logo yet. Is the server switching still "under construction"?

Go back to what I wrote about the likelihood of surviving and being
a cripple (physical or mental).

You stand a better chance of being a burden to society if you crash
while wearing a helmet.

No public burden problem here.
I'm older and have better insurance. (Quoted from "Fried Green Tomatoes")


You're already a burden! 🙂

"You're already a burden! :)"


I think it's time to back off this one Mark and move on to other subjects.

Have a good summer in the rain and helmet belt.



It was meant as a joke... that's why I put the smiley face afterwards.

Just poking a little fun.
I didn't mean to offend, and apologize if I did offend you.

But on the subject of possibly becoming a burden...
it's just a small price for freedom in comparison to what
others have paid to maintain freedom.

I'd rather support injured riders than give up another freedom
(I know, it's already been taken away).

Once again,
I am sorry if I offended you with my "joke" - I never claimed
to have a good sense of humor.

I just saw the 5:30 news.
12" of snow fell in the Washington Cascades. Now that's spring weather!

It's not just motorcyclists' rights that are under assault,
and if you think it's only coming from Liberals or Conservatives,
better check twice...

Motorcycles are just as safe as cars unless you crash. Of course falling down in the shower can kill you too.
Someone said that more people die in their sleep than riding motorcycles. Someone said that most crashes happen less than 10 miles from home. SO...Lets take longer rides and sleep less 🙂

But maybe don't give up the showers...