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Tales from the Tin Shed

On page 20 of the March/April/2019  Sidecarist in the photo at the top of the page there is a Red Hack with what looks like a Hood Scoop.

Anyone know who's rig that is or have info on where to get a scoop like it?  Sure looks like it would let some air in..

This is my rig, I made the scoop out of fiberglass when I was restoring the sidecar. I had heard there wasn't much air getting into the sidecar so I put a scoop on it. It really does make a difference.


If you look under my post (April  first and forth 2017) you will see how I did it.

Thanks for the reply. When I have time later I will search for those posts.

It really does look as though it lets a lot of air in..

Your welcome, hope it helps.

Quote from taco on May 9, 2019, 6:21 am

If you look under my post (April  first and forth 2017) you will see how I did it.

Been searching for your posts from 2017 without any luck... Looked in general and technical.


Nevermind... I just found

The easiest way to find an old post from a specific person is to click on their user name.  That takes you to their profile. At the top there are two tab options, "profile" and "post history".  The post history is a list of all posts made by that user, arranged by date.  From there it will take a little trial and error to find exactly what you want but in this case I found the right string in the second try.

In this case the vent is a plus but it would work best with the "Draper top mod".  It looks so good and so "factory" that I'm really surprised that Hannigan hasn't copied it.

Al Olme Minneapolis, Minnesota

That is what I finally figured out to do... Thanks.